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Custom banners can make the difference at any Farmer's Market! As the end of Summer approaches and your harvest of organic vegetables, herbs and other produce is ripe for the selling, small farm produce growers everywhere will rely on concentrated farmer's markets to bring their organic foods to local consumers. It's a fact that the farmer's market craze has risen to new levels. Especially given the fact that grocers everywhere are being reported that the food and vegetables at the ordinary grocer can be toxic with pesticides and other harmful chemicals that are bad for us. Local growers, especially those local farms that specialize in natural and traditional organic growing methods definitely have an advantage today over the big box grocers, but effectively communicating the fact that your produce is better for you than others is always going to be key to a successful harvest.

When the farmer's markets were first started 100s of years ago, there were no grocery stores that competed for the sale of vegetables. Local consumers would visit the weekly outdoor produce markets to buy all the greens, vegetables, and fruit they needed. The fruits and veggies were fresh and there was never an issue of actually buying toxic foods. As grocers became the standard for obtaining all of our food items, they began to buy produce from corporate farms that were able to sell their produce for cheaper than the average small local farmer. Because of large farms that were grown and harvested on a mass scale for profitability, through the ages, farm corporations working with companies like Dupont and Montsanto, began to apply chemicals to the soil for a better harvest and use strong pesticides that would allow for a better yield. As the pesticides became realized and the toxins in the chemicals of big farms became known, the local farmer's market was revived. Although they can be more expensive than large farm produce farmer's market produce is thought of as a more natural vegetable grown in the same method as the traditional small farms of old. With that thought, consumer interest for a health conscious lifestyle became the standard and the local farmer once again was marketing their harvest at local farmer's market produce stands.

Recently, even the big farm corporations have begun to take advantage of the farmer's market demographic by setting up their own stands and selling their yield of vegetables to vendors that go from market to market selling vegetables for a living. With the onset of vendors selling these big farm veggies and fruits at the local farmer's markets now happening, communicating the natural way a farm's vegetables, greens, and fruit produce is grown is an important part of attracting the health conscious buyer to your produce stand. Through outdoor custom banners, banner stands and even table displays, organic growers can use these banners and sign mediums to communicate they grow produce the natural way and are 100% locally grown produce farms. This is a vital component to a successful vegetable or fruit produce stand at any farmer's market, and we invite you to allow us the opportunity of supplying your banners and farmer's produce signs. Farmer's market produce stand banners should be a vivid, full color outdoor banner. that depicts the graphics of vegetables in a natural setting. Displaying the text needed to communicate wholesome foods can be done with words like Locally naturally grown, Local Farm Direct To Table Produce, and if you have qualified for the right to use the word organic with the FDA you can use that too. However, most consumers would rather see that the vegetables are locally grown, as this instills healthy more than the word organic in our opinion.

When creating your banners and signs for your farmer;s market gathering, or for the produce stand that will be represented at the market, have fun with your sign graphics and be creative. Feel free to use our customizeable produce templates to make your signs or start from scratch and upload your own graphics or let us prepare your vegetable marketing signs for you free of charge. Most importantly, we urge our local farmers to take advantage of the printed signs we can produce for you. They will help you with your harvest season this year and ensure that healthy vegetables like those lucious red and juicy tomatoes we see in our area will be grown locally for years to come.