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All Banner Stand Kits include full-color printed banners and hardware. Some light assembly may be required.
Half Price Banners offers only the best Outdoor Banner Stands. If you need signage directly in front of your place of business, we offer three great double-sided options. Our double-sided Dual Track Banner Kit is the largest and most impactful, measuring 2'w x 6.5'h and designed to flex with the wind to keep your display upright at all times. The Flex Snap Frame Banner Kit is a rugged windproof display which protects your graphics using plastic cover sheets that snap right into the frame with your 22.5"w x 32.5"h graphics. Our popular double-sided 2'w x 3'h A-Frame Kit is an attractive, compact, and highly portable option. We also provide sturdy and highly visible Boulevard Pole Banners in various sizes. (We also offer a double-sided outdoor retractor banner - see the Retractable Banners category.)


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Mounting Stands For Outdoor Banners

  • 1st Get Noticed More
  • 2nd Free Standing Display
  • 3rd Withstand The Elements
  • 4th Protect Your Ads

When Should I Use A Stand for Outdoor Banner Ads?

Advertising outside a storefront can be a very good strategy on engaging motorists and pedestrians to stop in and take a closer look at a store.

Find an appropriate location for advertising outdoors can be a problem. More often than not a shopping center may have restrictions preventing you from hanging a banner along the outside wall of a storefront. When this is the case, obtaining some kind of free standing sign frame is the only options. A-frames and Signicades are a solution, but these types of signage tends to be smaller and focuses the attention of the viewing audience to look down. Quality banner stands meant for installing banners outside are larger and higher than typical a-frame signs and are a perfect solution for advertising at eye level to folks walking by a store. Advertising messages on these outdoor banner stands are easily interchangeable and can help any business owner that is located in a setting with a high walking traffic flow, a great means to catch the attention of walkers strolling by the store.

Using free standing banners mounted to a banner stand constructed for outdoor advertising purposes is a great solution for retailers and service oriented businesses. Outdoor banner stands are built to be durable and resist weather conditions such as rain and wind. They are constructed with rust free materials and will flex in windy environments to ensure the ads stay erect protecting the banner from any un needed stress.

Half Price Banners has many outdoor free standing banner mounting solutions to fit any business advertising strategy. From vertical banners and stands as high as 8 feet in length, billboard like banner mounting solutions allowing for large 8 feet wide signage, to fully encased poster stands, our outdoor banner advertising print solutions are designed to be easy to set up and use immediately. All outdoor stands we sell come complete with the stand you need and the printed outdoor banner for any advertising campaign. These banner / stand combos are perfect for retailers and services business with limited space and the professional displays we carry are designed to optimize space while ensuring the noticeability these outdoor banner advertising products are meant to provide.

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