Vinyl Banners

Cheap vinyl banner printing companies are a dime a dozen. But if you're looking for gorgeous custom vinyl banners at affordable prices, Half Price Banners is your one stop shop. Custom printed Vinyl Signs are one of the most economical and versatile advertising vehicles around. With our wide array of options, products, and ideas, we are sure to have a display solution to fit any company and any need. If you need custom vinyl banners, don't look for cheap banner printing. Look for the affordability and high quality of Half Price Banners!


Standard 13oz Vinyl Banners : Super strong 13 oz vinyl durability makes them perfect for outdoor use, but the print is so sharp they work just as well indoors.

Heavy-Duty 18oz Vinyl Banners : Our most durable vinyl banners, printed on long-lasting heavy duty 18oz vinyl material.

Mesh Vinyl Banners : A long lasting outdoor banner perfect for windy conditions. The mesh material allows wind to pass through, reducing the stress on the banner.

High-Resolution Vinyl Banners : These banners have a smooth matte finish specially designed for the sharpest printing possible, great for up close viewing.

Double-Sided Vinyl Banners : True double-sided printing on 18 oz vinyl with internal blockout layer. Twice the impact of a single-sided display.

Window Banners : Perforated non-adhesive vinyl allows you to take advantage of important window space,your message will be seen from the outside and you will be able to see through the signs from the inside.

Product Information

All Vinyl Banners Are Not Created Equal

We are the authority in providing customers with high-quality specially printed vinyl banners online! Printing Banners to promote your business through an eye-catching visual message is the easiest and most affordable way to showcase your business' services, products, or brand.

Whether you’re a retailer, service professional, B2B sales-oriented business, or restaurant - visually appealing displays will help you captivate a wider audience around you and at industry tradeshows, seminars, and more.

The type of message you’re looking to visually highlight on a banner display will depend primarily on the kind of effect you’re hoping to obtain. This also goes hand in hand with the type of vinyl someone may prefer and coincides with the imagery or language you’re planning. 
One of our more popular printed banners include relevant retail and small business promotions. These are typically medium-sized outdoor banners that a business will print in order to hang on the side of their storefront or install at their business’ entrance to entice motorists and pedestrians alike with offers and deals to generate interest. This kind of print ad is usually best suited with one of our bestsellers, the 13-oz Scrim Vinyl Banner. Popular sizes include 2x103x6, and 4x8. We also have sizing options that range from 2x2 to 5x30. Our 13-oz vinyl banners contain a high-quality gloss vinyl finish, which brings out the vibrant colors of our proprietary Eco-Friendly UV Fade Resistant Ink. All these elements together will ensure your message and graphics will stay crisp and clear even in the outdoor elements for years to come. 
We have a wide selection of vinyl banner options for your unique needs from varying finishes to overall thickness and more. Matte, gloss, and super smooth high-resolution banner options are included in our vinyl finishes, and thickness levels range from 3 mil to 18-oz vinyl materials for the Heavy-Duty Banner options we carry. Perforated mesh vinyl can be used for outdoor custom banners that may be exposed to heavy winds, while perforated vinyl window banners are created to not obstruct window views while providing eye-catching graphic prints viewable from outside the store.
We always use our proprietary high-impact, environmentally friendly UV-Resistant Inks for all of our printing options. Our distinct and premier inks far surpass our competitors. If you’ve ever purchased banners from other printers in the past, you’ll notice right away that the reds, greens, and other bright hues fade over time and colors like red may blur into orange. You’ll find that with our proprietary inks, our range of colors will stay bright over time. 
We also provide vinyl banner options for customers on a budget. For example, our Adhesive Backed Vinyl is perfect for creating customized wall art murals or simple sticker.
At Half Price Banners, you’ll find every configuration of banner displays you can imagine. We’ve tested and stocked every conceivable choice possible that allows your company a great product at an even greater price. We invite you to browse around and learn more about the exceptional service and print quality we offer. Find out more today! has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.8/5 based on 4324 ratings and reviews