Feather Flags, Part 2: How Many Cars?

In the last article, we discussed how a single-sided feather flag would cost only $7.50 a month during an assumed two-year lifespan. In this article, we’ll show what that $7.50 will get you in terms of traffic.

For this article, we easily found data on the Internet for three cities:

  • Overland Park, Kan., a suburb of about 174,400 in suburban Kansas City, Mo.
  • Santa Fe, the capital of New Mexico and a popular tourist destination, population of about 74,800
  • Philadelphia, the fifth-most populous city in the U.S., with a population of about 1.5 million

Using this data, we calculated how many cars would see your feather flag and its cost, based on the available data.

Overland Park: a map of traffic counts from the city’s web site shows that an intersection in the center of town with retail shops on three sides sees approximately 21,000 cars every 24 hours, or 630,000 cars a month. Calculating the cost per car yields an absurdly low number that probably isn’t usable (unless you find 0.00002063¢ usable), but you can turn the question around: How many cars can I reach for each penny of investment?

In this example, if you divide the monthly traffic estimate by the monthly feather flag cost, you’ll find you can reach 484 cars a month for just one cent.

Sante Fe: a map from the city’s web site shows that traffic at the Old Town Square, a popular tourist destination, averages 8,850 cars every 24 hours, or 265,000 cars a month. A banner in front of a store in the square store can reach 204 cars a month for one cent.

Note that this does not account for foot traffic, which you can assume would be significant in a tourist area. To account for car and foot traffic, let’s look at a major U.S. city for the next example.

Philadelphia: As you might expect in an urban area, traffic counts are low compared with foot traffic. For example, a city block in downtown Philly gets only half the car traffic of a retail intersection in suburban Kansas City.

Fortunately, traffic and foot data from the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission is available. These numbers show that this block gets about 774,000 cars, pedestrians and bikes a month. Another calculation shows that a single feather would reach 595 entities a month for one cent.


Using this basic formula, you can adjust the results. For example, if you run a holiday promotion during the last two months of the year, your feather flag investment will increase to $90 a month, as it’s effective only for those two months. However, traffic usually increases during those months.

You’ll likely find that using feather flag is still cost-effective, and an important part of your marketing mix.

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