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A sign is an object used to convey information. There are many types of signs used to present many kinds of information from promotional to instructional. As a custom sign company, we always try to help make the perfect signs for the perfect situations. When we say custom signs, we mean custom in both the print as well as the material and size. From banner frames to window signs, we'll have you covered on all your sign projects.

Yes! We customize signs for every order. You’re able to select from a large variety of materials, and we offer custom sizing on nearly all of our products. If you can’t find your perfect size, just choose one size larger and we’ll cut it down to fit. If you have questions about whether we can meet your custom sign needs, just call us and we’d be glad to discuss your project.

We print signs in our warehouse located in Lenexa, Kansas USA. Because we’re right in the middle of the country, we’re able to ship everywhere in the United States quickly. We’re G7 Certified for printing, and we set ourselves apart by maintaining high quality standards on all of our work. Many of our first time customers see that we sell cheap signs, but the high quality materials and printing is what turns them into lifelong customers.

The best size for a size depends on your space and the project. It’s important to know how much space you have, and it’s usually helpful to measure out exactly how much space you have for more detailed projects. If you’re putting up office signs, be aware of the surroundings and angles it will be viewed from. Your signs are fully customizable, and because you know your business you will be the one to know what will look best on them.

Yes! We offer quantity discounts on all of our products, including signs. If you have an extra-large order of over one hundred, you may be eligible for even better discounts than our site shows. Just give us a call and speak with one of our customer service representatives to get a price estimate. Some of our items, like our coroplast yard signs, are extremely discounted on larger quantities. This is because it’s nearly as costly to make one custom sign as it is to make five of the same type!

Our prices are hard to beat, and our best price guarantee means just that. We sell very cheap signs that are still high quality. We know that there’s a certain amount of quality that everyone expects, and we exceed that while keeping our prices so low.

We sell the largest variety of banner materials and sizes in the industry, and we sell several types of signage. There are lots of different names for many of the signs that we offer, and some people will call different signs different names. If you’re looking for a specific type of sign that you can’t easily find, please let us know! If we offer it, we’ll help point you to it.

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