Silicone Edge Graphics

Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG) Displays

SEG Displays with dye-sublimated graphics are the smart choice for eye-catching displays wherever you need them. These show-stopping trade show displays help get the attention that your brand deserves while showing your best sides. With fast delivery and easily replaceable graphics, these displays are an easy investment that will last for a long time to come.

Frequently Asked Questions about SEG

What is SEG?

SEG stands for Silicone Edge Graphics. The Silicone Edge is sewn around the edges of a dye-sublimated fabric graphic allowing for seamless and easy installation of the graphic into a channeled frame. This ensures that the graphic will be taut with no wrinkles, and the ease of changes out the graphics is the leading reason why this new innovative use of technology is catching on around the world.

How do I store and clean these graphics?

When not in use, we suggest that you fold and store your graphics in any bag. You’re able to spot clean the graphics by wiping with a non-abrasive damp cloth. You can even put these in a washing machine on gentle with cold water! We suggest letting these air dry rather than using a dryer, but the dye-sublimation allows for long lasting graphics that can be cared for fairly easily.

How do I place the fabric into the frames?

SEG Graphics are easy to put in, and we suggest starting at the corners and using your fingers to gently press the silicone beads into the aluminum frame’s channeling. By inserting the corners first, it helps ensure that there will be no excess fabric when you insert the last portion.

How do I upload my art for three-sided or four-sided graphics?

We make it as easy as possible to upload and size the art for your graphics. Our designers will always help set up the art to the template, and you’re able to have an unlimited amount of revisions of your proof before it goes to print. We also allow several types of uploads, so if you have an extremely large art file we’ll work with you to get it to your designer.


When ordering three or four sided displays, keep in mind how much of the art you want to show on the sides. Some people prefer to use one image that wraps around the display while others will take advantage of the sides in new and different ways. It’s important to know how you’re intending to use your display, and this will usually help with deciding what type of art you want to upload.

What’s the history of SEG?

Silicone Edge Graphics were first introduced at the EuroShop fair in 2008, and over the last ten years they’ve caught on as a premier choice for displays thanks to their contemporary, sleek look and ease of assembly. Unlike many types of signs or single purpose displays, the versatility of SEG allows retailers and event goers to regularly change their graphics at a low price while not sacrificing the quality look that grabs everyone’s attention. Thanks to improvements in fabric printing over the last few years, SEG has truly taken off as an industry leading category.

How are SEG Fabrics Printed?

We use dye sublimation printing to infuse the ink into the fabric. This results in extremely high-resolution prints on top quality fabrics. This process vaporizes the inks, allowing them to better saturate the fabric on an extremely precise scale.

Where are SEG Graphics typically used?

These graphics can be found all over, though they’re often spotted in trade shows, retail stores, museums, restaurants, churches, universities, and airports. There are so many applications for SEG that no two displays are alike. From wall frames to standing displays to full sized backdrops, the possibilities with SEG are practically endless.

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