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Vinyl is short for Polyvinyl Chloride, which is a kind of plastic. There are two common types: rigid and flexible. Rigid vinyl is hard and used to make PVC pipes and bank cards. Flexible vinyl is softer and used for imitation leather, song records, rubber replacements, and in our case signage. We use the softer, flexible type of vinyl for our banners because the material is durable and lasts. Our vinyl is most similar to imitation leather, but it’s a special kind made specifically for signage. We use 13oz vinyl in our standard options.

These banners are lightweight, durable, flexible, and last for years. They are usually hung with bungees or ropes. Vinyl banners are our most popular products, so we’ve learned several techniques to get the colors just right. We put a lot of care into each banner print, and we’re proud to stand behind each piece that we sell. We’re proud to be G7 Certified Printers, which is an award for the highest quality printing and are reassessed each month to ensure our standards are up to the G7 name. Banner printing is what we do, and we take pride in performing at the highest quality.

Personalized vinyl banners are most commonly used by businesses to highlight big promotions and sales. They are also used by professionals to showcase their business or products at trade shows, farmers markets, and other events.

Yes, we’re proud to say that all of our banners are printed in the United States. Our warehouse with our printers is attached to our main office, so we have total control over our orders. Because our designers work so closely with our printers, they know which colors look the best. Mix that with a couple decades of digital printing experience from our talented production team, and you can rest assured that we'll deliver a high quality product every time.

Products are printed quickly after proofs are approved, but use a slow enough pass to retain high quality. We do a lot of our custom printing overnight so that it’s ready to ship out the following day. We have several vinyl printers, which allows us to keep our turnaround times down.

Vinyl can be made stronger by adding interwoven fibers on the inside of the material. This layer is called a scrim, and the denier is a measurement of weight referring to these fibers within the vinyl. For example, our heavy duty outdoor banners will have 1000x1000 denier, and this contributes to its weight and strength. We also offer vinyl that doesn’t have scrim, such as our high res indoor vinyl. By not having this scrim, the result is a smoother vinyl with richer print quality. The trade-off by not having scrim is that this material is only suited for indoor use because it isn’t nearly as durable. Cheap vinyl will often have low quality, thin scrim that is prone to rips and tearing.

We let you customize the vinyl material, the sizes, the artwork, and your finishing options. With over six different types of vinyl, we give our customers more choices to help find the perfect fit. We also offer more than just standard sizes! Just choose the size one step above the size you need, and we'll trim it to your specified size. If you have a larger order for a custom size, you can even call in for special pricing. Our standard finishing options include heat welded hems and grommets to hang your sign for years.

Our custom printed vinyl banners continue to be our most popular product due to the high quality, vibrant colors, durable material, and cheaper prices. If you have further questions about any of our products, our customer support team will be happy to help.

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