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Wall art can transform your business or home to a welcoming and inviting environment.

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Perfect in any environment, our wall art options help create inviting and welcoming spaces. Whether you're making the space more professional or showing off your style, our selection will help you set the tone for your business or home. Take advantage of your unused space with any of our versatile wall décor options!

Canvas Prints Gallery Canvas Prints SEG Wall Frames Backlit SEG Wall Frames
Lightweight and art extends on all sides Material wraps around canvas for a professional look Easily change your graphics with SEG LEDs in frame / Changeable SEG graphics
12"×12" - 40"×40"
Starting at $24.99
11"×14" - 38"×38"
Starting at $36.00
18"×24" - 36"×72"
Starting at $150.00
Replacement Graphic: $38.00
18"×24" - 36"×72"
Starting at $400.00
Replacement Graphic: $40.00
5-6 Business Days 3-5 Business Days 3-5 Business Days 3-5 Business Days
Digitally Printed Canvas Dye-Sub Canvas Pushfit SEG Dye-Sub Graphic
Premium Pushfit SEG Dye-Sub Graphic
Super Light PVC Wood Aluminum Extrusion Under 2'×3'
3.5" Aluminum Frame Curtain LED Lighting
Over 2'×3'
4" Aluminum Frame Channel LED Lighting
Lightweight and Easy to Hang Graphic Wraps Around All Sides Stunning Display with Premium Dye-Sub Graphic Show Stopping Backlit Display with Premium Dye-Sub Graphic

Canvas Prints and Framed Wall Art

We offer an incredible selection of canvas wall art and wall decor. Our canvas art ranges from small to large wall art, and we'll help you find the perfect

Canvas Prints are affordable, stylish and ideal for home or as gifts.


Sizes from 12"x12" to 40"x40"


Starting at $24.99

Ships within 5-6 Days

SEG Wall Frames are perfect for businesses, trade shows, and anywhere you need high quality prints


Sizes from 18"x24" to 36"x72"


Starting at $150.00

Changeable Graphics: $38.00

Ships within 3-5 Days

Gallery Canvas Prints are stretched over a wooden frame.


Sizes from 11"x14" to 38"x38"


Starting at $36.00


Ships within 3-5 Days

Backlit SEG Wall Frames are the premium choice for show stopping displays.


Sizes from 18"x24" to 36"x72"


Starting at $400.00

Changeable Graphics: $40.00

Ships within 3-5 Days

Learn About Our Wall Art Options

What is wall art?

Wall art refers to the various types of decorations hung or displayed upon indoor walls. At Half Price Banners, we offer a wide range of options from the top quality backlit fabric to the more affordable canvas prints. Our fabric wall art is printed using Dye Sublimation. This process allows the ink to fully saturate the fabric while its keeping precise image detail, and another benefit of this process is that you’re even able to clean the fabric in a washing machine if you need to! Our gallery canvas wraps are printed digitally using the finest quality printers and techniques available.

Can I hang my wall art outside?

All of our wall art options are meant to be hung indoors. Unlike our vinyl banners or other outdoor materials, our canvas and fabric wall art are less able to withstand the rain. While you’d be able to temporarily hang your wall art outdoors on a clear day, we generally discourage outdoor use because it may significantly reduce the life of your products. If you’re looking for eye catching displays to be used outdoors, we’d suggest feather flags, banners, or yard signs depending where you’d like to show them.

What’s the difference between Standard SEG and Backlit SEG? Is standard SEG front lit?

Our backlit SEG frames come with LEDs that are plugged into a standard outlet to give your art an extra special presentation. Our standard SEG is sometimes called front lit which means that it uses natural light to show the art. Front lit can often sound confusing to people who haven’t heard the term because there’s not a special light in front of the display because it uses the room’s natural lighting.


Because of the differences in lighting, our Backlit SEG uses a slightly different type of fabric which has been specifically engineered to disperse the LED light. Our Standard SEG fabric is also top quality that has been tried and tested to be the best material to take on all the benefits of the dye-sublimation process.

What is SEG?

SEG stands for Silicone Edge Graphics and refers to the silicone edges that are sewn onto the fabric graphic. This silicone edge is what makes the graphics able to be inserted into our specially made frames to be displayed as wrinkle free and seamless.

Can you make custom sizes of wall art?

While we should be able to make certain custom sizes for our SEG Wall frames, we're currently unable to make custom sizes for our two canvas print options. If you have a specific size in mind, please Request a Quote to inquire about your specific size.

Where do people typically hang this wall art?

There is no wrong place to hang these pieces. While our SEG wall art is ideal for business offices and in stores, it also looks incredible when hung in any home. If you're looking for kitchen wall art, you may enjoy our canvas prints or gallery canvas prints the most. These are perfect for displaying family photos or other moments that you've captured on a trip to make as special canvas pictures.

Does the gallery canvas look like a painting?

Depending on the image used, the gallery canvas does have a slightly tectured art gallery canvas look. You can think of this as an affordable wall painting that looks incredible. Like other gallery canvas wraps, this canvas is stretched around the edges of the wooden frame and comes ready to hang.

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