How do I hang my banner?

Whether your banner is large or small, they are designed to be displayed in a variety of different ways. Banners are extremely versatile, and depending on the type of banner you choose, it can be hung on a wall, window or ceiling, along fences or on poles. Some banners even come with stands that make displaying them easier and convenient.

Most of our vinyl banner options come equipped with grommets, which are small, metal rings through which a rope or bungee cord can be pulled through for easy hanging without tearing the banners themselves. Properly securing your banner will help increase visibility and extend its lifespan.

There are several tools you can use to hang your banners:

1. Bungee cords—Bungee cords are great for hanging your banner tightly, while still giving it the flexibility to move and stretch in windy conditions without tearing. Simply hook one end of the bungee cord to the grommet and attach the other end to your chosen surface.

2. Ropes—One of the most common tools for hanging banners is rope. Loop the rope through the grommets and tie your banner to posts, poles, fences, overhangs or another surface of your choosing.

3. Carabiners—Carabiners can be easily clipped through the grommets of your banner and then attached to another object, such as a chain link fence.

4. Velcro—Adding adhesive Velcro strips to the back of your banner is another option. Simply attach one part of the Velcro strip to the surface you want to adhere your banner to and another part of the strip to the back of your banner. Velcro is especially useful if you plan on swapping out your displays.

5. Suction cups—Suction cups allow you to hang banners on flat, non-porous surfaces such as glass. Hooks on the suction cups loop through the grommets and the suction cups stick to your chosen surface. These are a great option for window banners but aren’t meant for large, heavy duty banners which can be too heavy for suction cups to hold.

6. Zip ties—Zip ties are a semi-permanent tool for hanging your banners. Loop them through the grommets and attach them to a chain link fence or another surface. To remove them, simply cut the zip ties.

We also offer pole banners that come with brackets or pockets for easy hanging on busy streets or sidewalks.

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