Why choose HalfPriceBanners.com?

Quality: We guarantee that every product we ship is of the highest quality and will be free of defect, or we will replace it free of charge. Our banners and signs are made of the most durable materials available on the market, and our print quality is fantastic. Our goal is to deliver long-lasting, great-looking banners at half the cost and twice the quality of our competitors.

Service: When you place an order with us, you have an entire team of expert graphic designers at your service - for FREE. Our designers review every design for print quality, color, layout and visibility of your message. You can submit your own print ready file, design your own banner online using our banner builder (coming soon), or let us design your banner for you at no extra charge.

Price: We offer the lowest possible prices without scrimping on materials. Many of our competitors use cheaper material and print settings to cut their costs. We buy the good stuff in large volumes and pass the savings on to you.

Turnaround: We have one of the fastest turnarounds in the industry. Most of our products will ship the next business day after we receive your proof approval. (See our Turnaround page for more information.)

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Where does HalfPriceBanners manufacture its banners?

We are proud to say that all of our banners are printed and shipped in the USA. Our office and main production facility is located in Shawnee, KS, with other production facilities in Central Kansas, Missouri, and Iowa. We never outsource jobs to other countries. Every banner we make is designed and manufactured by American workers.

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What are HalfPriceBanners.com's office hours?

Our office and phone lines are open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm CST Monday through Friday.

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Is there a minimum order amount?

No, there is no minimum purchase amount required. We value your business, large or small.

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What payment options are available?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and Paypal. If you have a large order to place and would like to pay by check, please contact support@halfpricebanners.com for details.

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When will my order ship?

Standard banner orders approved before 3:00 pm CST will usually ship the next business day. Please check the turnaround tab on the product page for details about turnaround time. If you have a deadline, be sure to let us know in the Order Comment box on the checkout page.

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What shipping options are available?

Depending on services available in your area, we offer the following UPS shipping options: Ground, 2nd Day Air, and Next Day Air Saver. Orders with 1 or 2 day shipping receive priority in production.

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From where do HalfPriceBanners' products ship?

All products are shipped from our Kansas, Missouri, and Iowa locations.

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Will I receive a tracking number?

Yes, UPS will email your tracking number the day your order is shipped.

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Does HalfPriceBanners offer quantity discounts?

Yes, we offer quantity discounts on most products. Simply select your quantity in the calculator on any of our product pages, and the total discounted price will be displayed. Quantity discounts only apply to multiple copies of the exact same item with the exact same artwork.

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I need over 100 banners. Can I get additional discounts?

Yes, we offer volume discounts for large commercial orders. Click here to contact us for a quote.

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What is HalfPriceBanners' return policy?

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. We guarantee that your product will arrive without defect to the print or materials. If you receive any item that is damaged, we will replace it free of charge or give you a 100% refund.

  • Be sure to inspect your banners and signs immediately upon arrival! If an item you ordered arrives with any damage or defect, you must report it to us within nine business days of delivery, otherwise we cannot be responsible for any damage.
  • A digital photo of the damage is always helpful for our quality control department and may be sent to support@halfpricebanners.com
  • Click here to review our full return policy.

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Where can I find pricing?

You may use the Price Calculator on any of our product pages for quick and easy price lookup.

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Why is the price different from the last time I ordered?

We do our best to maintain a consistent level of pricing that our customers can rely on. Occasionally, changes in the costs of goods requires us to adjust our pricing accordingly, but our goal is always to deliver the highest quality product at the lowest price possible.

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Do HalfPriceBanners' products come with warranties?

13 oz Standard Banners, Heavy Duty (18 oz) Banners, and Mesh Banners come with a 90 day warranty for most applications. Banners that will be hung over a street are the exception - we only recommend Heavy Duty and Mesh banners for this type of application and therefore cannot offer a warranty for 13 oz Standard Banners that are hung over the street. Our banners can last for years if stored and handled correctly. Since these factors are outside of our control, we must limit our warranty to 90 days. (See tips for taking care of your banner.)

Deluxe Feather Flag hardware comes with a two year warranty when used exclusively with Single-Sided feather flags. The flags themselves are short term signage that can last several months depending on wind conditions but do not have a warranty. We recommend ordering Single-sided flags (not truly single-sided; the image from the front bleeds through to the back as a mirror image), since they are lighter-weight and turn more easily in the wind, increasing the life of your flag.

We guarantee that our products will arrive without defect to the print or materials. If you receive any item that is damaged or defective, we will replace it free of charge or give you a 100% refund. Please note we cannot guarantee color matching on any of our products unless you elect to pay a color matching fee. (See our Color Matching policy.)

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What is HalfPriceBanners.com's price guarantee?

We will match any competitor's published price on any single 13 oz banner of identical size, material and specifications (including denier, hems and grommets, etc.)

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Do full color banners cost more than one-color or two-color banners?

No, our banner prices are the same regardless of the number of colors you choose, and we can print your full color files in vibrant color.

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Does HalfPriceBanners charge a design fee?

No, we offer basic design and layout service free of charge using the artwork you provide. The only time we ever charge a design fee is if you need us to redraw your artwork from scratch or if you request modifications to your file that will require a major design overhaul, and we will only do this with your approval.

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How does the proofing process work?

Once your order has been placed and your proof is ready, your designer will notify you by email. Once logged in, you may then approve the proof for print or send us any changes you would like to make.

Any changes submitted before 3:00 pm CST M-F will receive a new proof that day. Most banners approved before 3:00 pm CST M-F will ship the next business day.

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How soon will my proof be available?

If you complete your order by 3:00 pm CST, you will receive a proof that day, usually within 2 hours. Orders received after 3:00 pm CST will receive a proof no later than the next business day, usually by 11:00 am CST.

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Can I make changes if I don't like my proof?

Yes, you may make as many changes as you like until your banner looks just the way you want it, no extra charge. However, most designs we do only require 1-2 proofs. (It is always a good idea to do your own sketch of the banner before you order, which gives you a sense of how your text will fit on a banner. Just make sure the height/width proportions are the same as the banner you are ordering.)

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Will HalfPriceBanners notify me if my artwork will not print well?

Yes, we will always let you know if your artwork is not suitable for print, and we may be able to suggest alternatives in some cases.

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What if I don't want a proof?

Bypassing the proofing process can lead to numerous unforeseen errors, resulting in unwanted and unnecessary reprint charges. This is why all of our products require that you approve a proof before your order is sent to production. This process helps us to ensure that we can send you a banner with no errors in spelling, color, or layout, and it verifies that your artwork has loaded correctly into our design software.

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Can I see a proof without placing an order?

Sorry, but we can only provide proofs if an order has been placed through our website. This helps us keep our costs down and enables us to sell our banners at affordable prices.

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How do I submit my art?

All art under 300 mb can be uploaded during the order process. We can accept your Print Ready file, or we can design the banner for you using your artwork. If your art is over 300 MB, we recommend saving at a slightly lower resolution or saving your Illustrator/Photoshop file as a PDF.

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Does HalfPriceBanners have any pre-designed backgrounds or clip art I can use?

Yes, you can select from hundreds of predesigned templates and customize your banners as you wish.

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What kind of art files does HalfPriceBanners accept?

The best formats are Adobe Illustrator (AI), EPS, PDF, or a full print size JPGs. We recommend vector files whenever possible. Raster files should have a resolution of 300 dpi for Hi-Res Banners/Poster Plus products and a resolution of 100-150 dpi for all other products. For more information, please visit our Art Specs page.

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Can HalfPriceBanners guarantee color matching?

Half Price Banners is a G7 certified printer. We maintain our color profiles regularly to ensure the most accurate printing possible. For most accurate color reproduction, we recommend submitting your artwork with solid coated Pantone colors. If exact color matching is needed, we can provide physical samples for a fee of $40 per color + shipping.

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How long can I expect my banners to last?

Our 13 oz Standard Banners and Heavy Duty Banners are made of the most durable outdoor vinyl available, and we offer it at a very low cost for the quality of banners you will receive. Many of our customers are still using banners they ordered from us years ago! The strength of the material lies in the scrim; our standard vinyl has a denier (thread count) of 1000x1000, whereas many of our competitors use a 500x500 denier material that will only last a few weeks in the wind. Longevity is determined by a number of factors, including wind speed/duration and the method of installation. For more information about how to get the longest possible life out of your banners, see our banner care instructions.

We use UV-resistant inks to help maintain a vibrant print that resists fading with time. Keep in mind that different color bases fade at different rates; for example, shades of red usually fade faster than yellows and blues.

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What sizes of banner are available?

Standard banners come in sizes of 2'x2' up to 5'x30'. Custom sizes are available upon request. Banners longer than 5' on the shortest side can be ordered as X-Large Gloss or X-Large Matte banners.

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Will my banner be exactly the size I order?

All banner sizes are approximate. Due to hemming, your banner may be + or - one to two inches of the ordered size, usually within ½ inch.

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Are custom sizes available?

Yes, custom sizes are available for most banners. If you do not see the size you want, just round up to the next largest size and make a note of the custom size you need in the Order Comments box. Custom sizes are NOT available for Banner & Stand Combos, Feather Flags, Yard Signs, or Canvas Prints.

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Will my banners come with hems and grommets?

Yes, all banners come with heat-welded hems (stronger than stitching!) and grommets every 3-4 feet by default, unless requested otherwise.

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Can I get my banner with extra grommets?

Yes, we can add the first two extra grommets at no charge. Additional grommets are $.50 each.

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Are pole pockets available?

Yes, 13 oz Standard Vinyl Banners can receive heat-welded pole pockets to fit a one-inch diameter pole on sizes 2'x2' to 4'x12'. Please order from the Pole Pocket Vinyl Banners page.

All large format banners and fabric banners have sewn hems and can receive sewn pole pockets for an extra charge of $5.00 for one pocket and $8.00 for two pockets. Again, please make a note in the comments box during checkout to request a pocket on these materials, and please specify the size of the pocket (either the length of the pocket when flattened or the diameter of the pole that will be used) and specify on which edge the pocket will be placed).

Please note: all banner sizes are approximate, pole pocket banners included.

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Does HalfPriceBanners print double-sided banners?

Yes, double-sided vinyl banners are now available. These are printed on double-sided vinyl material. This 18-ounce vinyl is also lined with a block-out layer so that the image on the reverse side won’t show through.

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Can I get my banner printed vertically?

Yes, we can. Just make a note in the Order Comments box on the checkout page.

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How should I care for my banners to get the longest life out of them?

  1. If hanging your banner outdoors, use bungee cords instead of rope. This will reduce the strain on the banner material.
  2. Our banners are formulated to withstand most normal wind conditions. For maximum banner life, always take your banner down on days with heavy or extremely gusty winds. (For high-wind areas, we recommend our Mesh and Heavy Duty Banners.)
  3. Save the box that your banner arrives in if you will need to store your banner for future use. Keep the banner away from excessive heat, cold and moisture, and always store the box in an upright vertical position to avoid creasing.
  4. If your banner arrives with a sheet of non-stick paper rolled up inside it, save this paper and use it when you re-roll the banner for storage. This will prevent any ink transfer.
  5. Always roll your banner with the print facing inward to avoid scratching.
  6. NEVER fold the banner so that the printed surface is folded over onto itself. Avoid "ink on ink" contact whenever possible. Prolonged ink on ink contact will result in ink transfer and smudging, especially in hot weather.

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How do I clean my banners if they get dirty?

Cleaning recommendations vary by product, but as general rules:

  1. Vinyl banners can usually be cleaned with mild soapy water and a soft cloth. Do not use any harsh chemical cleaners or abrasive rags. Clean gently for a short amount of time to avoid damage to the ink.
  2. We do not recommend washing fabric banners. Non-abrasive soap can be used if needed. The ink will not fade or bleed when washed, but the material will lose its starchiness. Matte Fabric Banners should not be washed under any circumstance - the ink will bleed and the banners will fade.

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