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Half Price Banners has the largest variety of materials and sizes in the industry.

Create your own banner today quick, fast, and in a hurry. We have a seemingly unlimited amount of design options with many sizes available and a wide selection of materials to create your sign. Did we mention the affordable prices? Our custom banners for sale are simple and economical.

Personalize your product with our easy online design tool. You can make it vertical, horizontal, add custom lettering and graphics, or create one from our large library of templates. Receive it in time for your event with our fast shipping guarantee. Start creating your discount banner today!

Custom Indoor Banners

Custom Outdoor Banners

Standard 13oz Vinyl is our most popular and trusted material for all purpose indoor use.

Sizes from 2'x2' to 5'x30'

Starting at $9.99

Can Ship within 24 Hours!

Heavy Duty 18oz Vinyl is our highest recommended and most popular outdoor banner material that lasts for years.

Sizes from 2'x2' to 5'x30'

Starting at $14.99

Can Ship within 24 Hours!

High Res Banners are ideal for short term indoor use for trade shows or conferences. Matte finish for extra detail.

Sizes from 2'x2' to 5'x30'

Starting at $15.99

Can Ship within 24 Hours!

Mesh Vinyl Banners are a good choice in extra windy areas where the win will need to pass through (perfect for fences!).

Sizes from 2'x2' to 5'x30'

Starting at $14.99

Can Ship within 24 Hours!

Adhesive Banners are great for walls, windows or just about any hard surface. Just peel and stick!

Sizes from 12"x12" to 48"x72"

Starting at $6.49

Can Ship within 24 Hours!

Double Sided Banners are made on 18oz Vinyl and perfect for when you need to display your message from both sides.

Sizes from 2'x2' to 5'x30'

Starting at $28.99

Ships in 3 - 4 Days

Specialty & High Quality Indoor Banners

Fabric Banners provide a classic look for special occasions or gatherings. Matte finish with optional sewn hems and perimeter grommets included.

Sizes from 2'x2' to 10'x75'

Starting at $19.99

Ships in 7 - 8 Days

Canvas Banners give a painted on canvas look with its low gloss and high quality duck cotton material.

Sizes from 2'x2' to 4'x12'

Starting at $20.99

Can Ship within 24 Hours!

Extra Large & Oversized Banner Printing

Large Format Vinyl is printed on our 13oz Vinyl and comes in sizes starting at 6'x6' all the way up to 20'x100' with custom sizes available in between.

Sizes from 6'x6' to 20'x100'

Starting at $109.99

Ships in 3 - 4 Days

Double-Sided Fence Banners have 90% surface area with 10% mesh to give your mesh banners a high resolution look in a grand format. Unique double-sided mesh makes this extra large banner perfect for construction sites and heras fencing.

Sizes from 2'x2' to 20'x100'

Starting at $73.99

Ships in 3 - 4 Days

Large Format Mesh is made on our popular outdoor mesh material and comes in sizes 6'x6' to 10'x100'! Custom sizes are available.

Sizes from 6'x6' to 20'x100'

Starting at $168.99

Ships in 3 - 4 Days

Boulevard Banners and Pole Pocket Finishing

Pole Banner Kits let any pole be able to hang your banner. Comes with an 18oz Banner with Pole Pockets.

Sizes from 48"x30" to 72"x30"

Starting at $147.99

Ships in 3 - 4 Days

Pole Pocket Banners are printed on 13oz Vinyl for when you want to hang your banner from a pole or threaded rope. Top & Bottom pocket options available.

Sizes from 2'x2' to 4'x12'

Starting at $15.99

Can Ship within 24 Hours!

Signs with Holders

Retractable Banners

Retractable Banners are perfect for trade shows and stores and always come loaded and ready to go.

Step & Repeat Banners provide a perfect backdrop to any occasion.

X-Stand Banners will hold up your banner and display it as an easy to set up indoor display.

Outdoor Banner Frames provide a sturdy, long lasting outdoor option that is easy to change the graphics.

Vinyl Yard Signs provide an outdoor alternative for smaller outdoor displays.

What is a custom Banner & How are they Used?

A banner is a piece of material with a design or message, usually hung in a public place. Traditionally, they were used to display a country’s flag, a family’s coat of arms, or to announce official proclamations. While the word used to refer to flags (such as the star spangled banner), the most common use today is in advertising. Because of their common rectanglar shapes and efficient messaging, they have also gone digital on websites as banner ads. There are a lot of meanings, but our site specializes in printed custom banners.

Most advertising banners today are printed on vinyl and display logos or promotional messages. Our personalized banners are printed in the United States, and we’re proud of the quality we’re able to provide by proofing every image before it goes to print.

Custom Banners for Sale

What’s a grommet?

A grommet is a circular metal ring that will strengthen the area around the holes which are used to hang the sign. If you put a hole in the material without using a grommet, it is far more likely to rip or fray. Because most banners are hung, grommets are a natural choice. Grommets are included with every banner, but you’re also given the option to print your banner without.

How do you hem a personalized banner?

There are two main ways to hem and it depends on the material. Most of our products use heat-welded hems. These hems will protect the edges of the banner from fraying. For non-vinyl materials such as fabric, we will typically sew on the hems. It’s important to have hems if you’re using grommets because it gives the material more strength and prevents ripping or tearing.

Personalized Banners

What’s the difference between matte and gloss?

The main difference is how shiny the material will be. Gloss is known to show bright colors well, but for a more muted look you may prefer semi-gloss or matte. Semi-gloss still has more shine than matte while not being as reflective as a full gloss.

What is banner weight?

Personalized banners are usually measured in ounces per square yard of material. For example, our heavy duty vinyl is 18 ounces which means a square yard weighs 18 ounces. The larger the number, the heavier the vinyl. Our standard banners are 13 oz, and this material is great for both indoor and outdoor use.

Sometimes they are measured in mils. This measurement refers to the thickness of the material in thousandths of an inch. The larger the number of mils, the thicker the material.

Cheap Customized Banners

What is DPI and why is it important?

DPI refers to dots per inch. Our printers are able to print 300 DPI on most of our materials. The reason that we will notify customers about their photo quality is that the larger a photo becomes, the dots per inch stretch and the image becomes blurry. Sometimes a slightly lower DPI can be ok if the signage is meant to be viewed from far away, but for up close viewing you’ll want a higher quality image. We suggest at least 100 DPI, but always prefer higher quality images if possible. We proof every image before it goes to print and will comment on the image’s print quality.

How do I clean a banner?

The best way to clean a banner is with very mild soap and a soft cloth. Be gentle when cleaning it, and don’t use an abrasive cloth or harsh soaps because you may disrupt the art quality. Most of our custom banners are waterproof and can tolerate a high degree of use.

Custom Banners for Sale

Are you able to make double sided signs?

Yes! Our double-sided banners are printed on our heavy duty 18oz vinyl material with a blackout layer so that there’s no bleed in the print. If you’d like double-sided on other materials, we recommend choosing two single sided banners and hanging them back to back.

Do you sell blank banners?

We do! For most orders, simply specify that you do not want any artwork on your product. If you’re ordering a large quantity, contact customer service to see whether you can get your custom banners for less for not using any ink.

Cheap Personalized Banners

How long do they last?

Our personalized banners are known to last for years with proper care. We stand behind the quality, and we know that they get used for all sorts of things both indoor and out.

Are all of your pieces custom made?

Yes! Your custom banners will be made special with your art and images.

Our banner printing takes place in the United States, and we're proud of the quality we're able to provide by proofing every image prior to print. Start creating your personalized banner today!

Cheap Banners
Types of BannersIndoor or OutdoorTime to Ship*SizesMaterialStarting Price
Standard 13oz Vinyl   24 Hours! 2'×2' 5'×30' 13oz Vinyl From $9.99
Heavy Duty 18oz Vinyl   24 Hours! 2'×2' 5'×30' 18oz Vinyl From $14.99
High-Res Indoor   24 Hours! 2'×2' 5'×30' 13oz Vinyl From $15.99
Mesh Vinyl   24 Hours! 2'×2' 5'×30' 9oz Vinyl From $14.99
Window Banners   1 - 2 Days 1'×1' 4'×12' 6mil Perforated Vinyl From $7.49
Adhesive Banners   1 - 2 Days 12"×12" 48"×72" 10oz Opaque Vinyl From $6.49
Double-Sided   3 - 4 Days 2'×2' 5'×30' 18oz Vinyl From $28.99
Canvas Banners   1 - 2 Days 2'×2' 4'×12' 18mil Cotton Duck Canvas From $20.99
Fabric Banners   7 - 8 Days 2'×2' 10'×75' 7oz Polyester From $19.99
Large Format Vinyl   3 - 5 Days 6'×6' 20'×100' 13oz Vinyl From $109.99
Large Format Mesh   3 - 5 Days 6'×6' 20'×100' 9oz Vinyl From $168.99
Pole Pocket Banners   24 Hours! 2'×2' 4'×12' 13oz Vinyl From $15.99
Pole Banner Kits   3 - 4 Days 48"×30" 72"×30" 18oz Vinyl From $147.99
Retractable Banners   24 Hours! 16"×8.25" 86"×33" 15oz PET Vinyl From $55.00
Vinyl Yard Signs   24 Hours! 2'×2' to 3'×2' 13oz Vinyl From $58.99
X-Stand Banners   24 Hours! 66"×24" 80"×36" 13oz Vinyl From $58.99
Sidewalk Signs   1-5 Days 36"×24" 58"×25" Choice of Vinyl or Fabric From $109.99
Step & Repeat   7 - 8 Days 7.5'×8' 7.5'×20' 260g Polyester From $559.99
Outdoor Banner Frames   2 - 3 Days 3'×6' 4'×8' 13oz Vinyl From $178.99
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