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Half Price Banners has earned a reputation as the preferred vinyl banner printing company in North America. That reputation was earned over the past decade by providing the largest variety of vinyl banner material options and the highest quality and most vibrant color pallet in the industry. All our banners are finished with heat weld seams on all four sides and brass/nickel inch grommets at no additional charge.

Vinyl Banners
Standard Vinyl 13 oz - Our most popular product! Printed on our 13 oz strong vinyl. High print quality for indoor use, durable enough for outdoor use.
Heavy-Duty Vinyl -  Extra thick 18oz vinyl banners are designed to last longer in harsher conditions.
Mesh Vinyl - Durable 9 oz small hole mesh with interwoven fibers allows wind to pass through. Best option for long lasting outdoor banners in windy areas.
High-Res Vinyl - The sharpest, highest-resolution vinyl banner. Super-smooth matte vinyl for banners that will look great up close or from across the room.
Window Banners - Perforated (small hole) window signs are perfect for promoting your business by using your valuable window space.
Adhesive Banners
Adhesive Vinyl Banners - A new unique way to communicate your message, these extra large vinyl sticker banners adhere to almost any smooth surface.
Adhesive Fabric Banners - Great for indoor wall displays, these full color fabric banners with adhesive backing add an extra touch of class to your display.
Adhesive Floor Mat Vinyl - Full color vinyl with adhesive backing and a nonslip textured surface. OSHA compliant, safe for the workplace, great for indoor and outdoor floor displays.
Fabric Banners
9 oz Satin Fabric - Lightweight satin-finished banners are perfect for trade shows, churches, sporting displays, or any other indoor or short term display.
8 oz Matte Fabric - Soft but durable, these low-glare fabric banners are great as elegant indoor displays.
Canvas Banners
Canvas BannersThese banners provide the same type of high quality print, texture and finish as any photo-printed canvas. Designed to provide a high-quality indoor banner alternative with a classy look, Canvas Banners are typically used for high-end indoor banner displays.
Large Format Banners
Large Format Gloss - These 13 oz glossy vinyl banners are perfect when a 5 ft or shorter banner just won't cut it. Works great indoor or outdoor in low-to-moderate wind environments.
Large Format Matte - Same as our Large Format Gloss banners but with a matte finish; perfect for better readability where glaring light is a factor.
Large Format Mesh - When you need a large outdoor display in windier conditions, this 10 oz standard hole mesh allows wind to pass through, reducing tension and prolonging the life of the banner.

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Product Information

Why You Should Buy Your Banners From Us

  • 1st Vibrant Full Color Prints
  • 2nd Professional Design Services
  • 3rd Heat Weld Hems and Grommets
  • 4th Proofs In 2-4 Hours

The Many Uses of Banners

Custom banners for businesses advertise merchandise, store specials, or display popular sales events for consumers passing their brick and mortar location. Large anchor stores use indoor banners to advertise within certain departments or sections to inform consumers of monthly closeouts or product liquidations. Colorful outdoor banners are designed to attract motorists with huge, timely discounts. Regardless of what you’re hoping to achieve, banner displays are the perfect medium used to communicate well wishes and offerings from a business. 
Personal banners for individual use can be utilized in a variety of ways for your enjoyment. Consider using a strategic color to represent a theme for a celebration, party, or family get-together. At your next annual family reunion or welcoming party, you’ll be able to add a special touch to your custom displays. This will help create a cheerful atmosphere throughout your party and help your messaging and graphic really stand out. By adding these simple personal touches, you’ll create a space all guests will love.
When it comes to banners, our goal is to ensure the banner you receive matches your request, shows great attention to printing detail, is constructed of high-quality materials, and fits the setting it’ll be displayed in. Unlike our competitors, we’re more focused on educating our customers. We’re happy knowing we provided the right banner printing medium to assure your banner drapes perfectly at its intended location to highlight your printed message in the most professional way.
Your Banner Material Can Make All the Difference
There are three varieties of banner materials including vinyl, fabric, and large format. 
Vinyl Banners
Vinyl is our most popular printing medium for banners and we have various types that are suited for both indoor and outdoor purposes. 
Consider where your banner will be displayed and the kind of vinyl you prefer. If you want to drape your banner in a retail storefront window, perforated window vinyl would be ideal. The vinyl is see-through for in-store customers and from the outdoor view, the message is unaltered and drapes perfectly to attract others with your message. 
If you would prefer to display outside, you can hang it from an awning or along the wall of the building. Standard 13 oz material is durable enough to withstand harsh elements, while remaining lightweight for handling and installation purposes. However, in strong wind conditions you may want to consider a thicker vinyl.
Heavy-duty banners are used for environmental situations where size and durability play a major role. Large banners are intended to be hung over a local street or welcome path with environmental factors affecting the lifetime of the banner. For these instances, we’d recommend printing your banner on heavy-duty 18 oz. semi-gloss vinyl. By using a thicker material, size and wind become less of an issue in regards to cause impactful damage to the banner. Mesh vinyl is another alternative. Its perforated quality allows wind to easily pass through the surface area of the banner.
Adhesive vinyl is ideal for more permanent indoor settings. They’re great for custom wallpaper or floor graphic uses and work like stickers, except they’re printed at the full banner size. They’re used primarily in restaurants, business lobbies, or at home to create a unique space or inform others of your messaging.
If you’re looking for the highest attention to detail, look no further than our high-resolution vinyl. It’s sure to reach your expectations. For this type of banner, we’ve secured a proprietary 13 oz., super smooth, non-reflective magazine matte finish vinyl with a blockout layer that prints photo quality scenes in a detail. 
Fabric Banners
Fabric is perfectly suited for either indoor or outdoor use. We recommend using a strong 11 mil, 100% polyester fabric for our banner material. It’s a lightweight material that drapes perfectly from the ceiling of a gym or along the rafters of a cathedral. They’re durable enough for outdoor use.
Large Format Banners
Large format banners are often seen hanging from city squares or attached to the side of a multi-story building. One piece sizing can be as large as 20 feet by 60 feet. With our stitching capabilities, an image can be as large as a customer might need. For large format printing, we typically use our extra large 13 oz. gloss, matte, or mesh finish. Depending on your needs, our staff will help with projects that may require special custom large format prints and will give you best pricing in the industry. 
To learn more about the materials and types we provide, reach out to our team. We would be more than happy to educate you on our offerings to help you convey your messaging successfully.


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