Banner Flags

You can search far and wide, but there's no better place to buy custom banner flags than Half Price Banners. Our collection of deluxe Feather flags are still the highest quality flags on the market, but now we are offering a new budget-friendly flag options: our economy-priced Feather Flags.  With these two awesome options, you'd be hard pressed to find a place with better quality offerings.

Designed for use in low-to-moderate wind conditions. If winds exceed 30 mph, we recommend bringing your flags indoors to avoid damage.

Product Features

  • Deluxe Feather Flags use 100% die cast aluminum hardware and come with a limited two-year warranty when used with single-sided flags. Includes flag, pole set, stake base, and canvas carrying case.
  • Economy Feather Flags use the same hardware as the Deluxe version but do not feature the steel ball bearing at the base (which provides an unencumbered 360 degree turning radius) and come with a 90 day warranty. This is a closeout item, available while supplies last!
  • All flags are printed with a full color dye sublimation process on 3.2 oz 100% polyester fabric.


Product Information

Custom Flags Are One of The Best Advertisements for Road Side Businesses

Design your custom flag shaped banners with simple eye-catching messages that are easy to read by passing motorists to attract new patrons to any business that resides along any busy thoroughfare. Our high quality dye-sublimation printing process will portray even photo quality graphics with vivid clarity and detail to ensure your flag message stands out.

From tear drop shapes to durable wind resistant open feather shaped designs, our flag printing process combined with the quality hardware we provide will ensure your flags stay open and easily readable even in windy conditions.

Changing your flag promotions weekly will draw more visitors to your business and keep your frontage area fresh for viewers passing by.

Make A Visual Impact

Portable Flag Fixtures with these flag shaped banners will enhance any business frontage area and provide passing motorists with an extra visual incentive to stop in to take advantage of the promotional event your flags portray. Placing simple yet effective strategic messaging that entice patrons to visit your establishment on multiple free standing flags is key in designing the perfect road-side campaign. With any ad campaign a business promotes, establishing a limited time offer for a short period of time is also an important part of this strategy. If the same flags are used every day for long periods of time, passing traffic will begin to ignore your flags as part of the other visual stimulus seen as a motorists drives to their destination, but if you swap out one ad promotion to the next each week, motorists are more apt to pick up on the change and pay more attention to your frontage. With the portability of our flags, taking down and re-installing is easy to do and will keep your frontage area fresh and new to better provide the visual impact to add more incentive to visit your business.

How We Print Our Flags

For a variety of reasons we have chosen to use the dye-sublimation printing process to print our flags. The primary reason for this is the fact that the ink vaporizes the colors allowing the ink to permeate or sink through the surface of our polyester fabric we use. This allows each pixel of your graphic to create a gradation along the edge opposed to the hard set edge that normal printing delivers. This infusion of ink within the fabric makes the message and graphics printed on your flags much more resistant to fading preventing your message to distort even if left outdoors for a long duration.

We print all our flag shaped banners using a durable 3.2 ounce polyester fabric making these flags perfect for the attention getting flutter affect all these flags are known for. Creating the wavy wind blown affect of your message is one of the reasons these flags are the preferred advertising method by business locations that have frontage space along busy streets.

Our flag stands are superior for displaying your flag properly

Flag Stands Are Also Important

The hardware that is used to display your flag shaped message is a very important part of this advertising strategy. Whether you are using the high quality aluminum stand and base that comes with our deluxe feather flag products or you are using the aluminum fiberglass composite that comes with our economy feather flags, ensuring that your stand is constructed well to ensure the hardware can easily spin in the wind while keeping your message open and easily readable will make all the difference in the success of your flag advertising campaign. has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.8/5 based on 4324 ratings and reviews