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How quickly can I get my custom banner flag?

With standard shipping, our feather flags typically take 8-10 days from the proof approval to your door. Rush orders are available, but this will only make the delivery a few days faster. You can see our US Delivery map to the right for a better understanding of ground shipping times for these flags.

Our turnaround times are among the fastest in the business, and we're always transparent in our pricing and delivery. If you have a tight deadline, we'll be sure to let you know whether your order will be able to make it to you in time.

What are feather flags? Are they the same as flag banners? Flag signs? Flutter flags?

Flag banners and feather flags are two different names for the same thing. There are many names for these types of flags. Some of their names are because of their shapes: the most popular being feather flags (think of the shape of a feather and compare)! Other flag names based on shapes include rectangular flags, tear drop flags, and blade flags. Sometimes people will use these names for flags of different shapes, but they all refer back to the same kind of signs that are flag banners.

Some other of the common names you’ll hear for these banner flags are given because of how they stand in and react to the wind. These names include swooper flags, flutter flags, sail flags, wind flags, and wind banners. They will dip and swoosh around in the wind, and the flags we sell all have a 360 degree turn radius to help reduce wind resistance.

Other names you might hear for these banner flags include what they’re used for or how they’re tailored to their purchaser. These terms include business flags, advertising flags, custom flags, and promotional flags. These are because businesses will often use them for special promotions as marketing flags, and their shape is generally that of a flag that hangs in the wind.

Some people even call them feather signs or sail signs, but no matter what you call them you’ll recognize their great sizes and colors while they promote their businesses.

Single-Sided vs. Double Sided

Our single-sided flags will use one image that will bleed through to the other side. Our double-sided flags are printed on two separate single-sided flags and sewn together. If you have text that needs to be displayed clearly from both sides, you may want a double-sided flag. If your display is solely an image or only to grab attention, a single-sided flag will be able to do that from either side.

Banner Flags that Get Noticed

Custom feather flags are perfect for grabbing the attention of foot and street traffic. Make a visual impact in front of your location that provides people extra incentive to notice you and come into your store. These outdoor flags are sometimes called roadside flags because they're so regularly seen outside and by the road.

The most common uses for feather flags are for special promotions and store openings. It’s hard to find much better than a large feather flag to get the attention of people that something new and noticeable has arrived at that spot. With full spectrum color and customized printing, you can reach your audience exactly how you want to, giving them something professional and bold to see.

How to Design your Flag Banners

When you’re ordering a feather flag, you’re able to either upload a print ready image or you can select “Let Us Design” where you provide us images and text that our designers will arrange for you. It will only go to print after your approval, so you don’t have to worry about how it will look because you will have seen it.

We provide blank templates for each flag shape and size so that you’ll be able to customize the flag exactly how you’d like it before uploading your print ready file. Before it’s sent to print, our designers will personally make sure there are no concerns about print quality or margins. Our proofing process is a big part of why our customers come back again and again: because there are never surprises about how the flags will come out.

Choosing a Font Size for your Design

Even though the print quality would allow it, remember that these flags are often used to grab attention outdoors and are less likely to be read up close. Be sure to use large fonts and big images that would let your most important message to be viewed at a glance.

Durability and Care

Our feather flags are made to last. Our single sided deluxe feather flags come with a two year conditional warranty, and all of our flags are designed to be sturdy and withstand winds of up to 30mph. We suggest that you bring these flags inside when winds get above 30mph to extend the life of the hardware and flag itself. While it’s not recommended to wash these flags often, if it’s necessary then you’d be able to use a mild soap or gently machine wash and hang to dry.

Banner Flag Kits

All flag kits include pole sets and ground stakes that will let you easily put up the flag in grassy areas. We offer stands for flat surfaces as well which are called cross-bases. For extra stability, you may consider putting a water bag on the cross base. Our deluxe feather flag includes a carrying case, but carrying cases for all flags are available.

What Size should I Choose for my Banner Flag?

The different sizes of flags depend the most on where they're being placed. There's not a set rule that the bigger the flag the better it is. While larger flags can be seen better from farther away, our 9' flags might be a better fit if you expect them to be read by foot traffic instead of street traffic. Know the space that you have! Our cross-bases will add a couple of inches to the total, so if you're looking to place these indoors you may want to measure how tall the ceilings are. If you're still not sure what size might be right, our customer service would be glad to talk to you about your project and what we think would look best. We know everyone has different spaces and needs, and we're always glad to help promotions look incredible.

High Quality Printing Process

We use a dye-sublimation printing process that provides +95% ink saturation through the feather flag fabric. The artwork will extend fully upon the sleeve, and there will be a mirrored image on the back of all single-sided flags.

Do your banner flags remain open?

Yes, all of our banner flags are designed to remain taut and resist curling or folding. They’re very flexible in the wind, and the 360 degree turn radius will keep strain off of the flag hardware. While remaining taut, these wind banners will still flutter in the breeze to help capture attention. Don't get cheap flutter signs that will droop and hide their message when it's not windy. Our feather flags are meant to be seen in all weather.

Are the flagpoles able to be used for any of the flags?

Each flag pole set is designed for a specific type and size of flag. While you cannot easily swap between the flag shapes or sizes, this allows the hardware to be specially tailored to that flag. Our water bag is able to be used with any flag cross base, and our Value Feather Flag, Value Rectangular Flag, and Value Tear Drop Flag can all use the same cross base and carrying case. The Deluxe Feather Flag requires a different cross base and comes with a different type of carrying case.

Can I Order Replacement Hardware for my Flag?

Yes! We offer replacement hardware for all flag sizes and types. We also offer new replacement flags without the hardware for when you're ready to change your messaging and still have your current hardware.

Can I Get my Feather Flags Custom Made?

All of our feather banners are made specifically for each order and the art will be unique to your feather banner. Our feather banner flags are made for certain locations that will grab attention and look beautiful doing it. Many people also use these custom printed flags at trade shows to help highlight their booth. While our high quality custom flag printing takes a little time, the ink will stay on the flag and outlast other flag displays.

How Are Your Feather Flag Prices so Cheap?

We're able to have our feather flags for sale so cheap because we sell so many! We thoroughly test all of our products before having them on our site, and all of these banner flags exceeded our expectations for their prices. We want all of our customers to be proud of the quality products they receive, and we know it's especially important because these feather flags will be representing the businesses our customers care so much about.

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