High-Quality Custom Feather Flags

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Product Overview

High Quality Feather Flags

High Quality Single or Double Sided Flag Kits

  • 3.2oz Polyester Fabric, Specially Designed for Flags
  • Remains Open, Taut & Doesn't Fold or Curl
  • +95% Ink Saturation, Creating Mirrored Image on Back
  • Vibrant Print Quality with UV Resistant Inks in Full Color
  • Sturdy & Strong for Long Outdoor Use

Premium vs. Standard Flags:

  • Both flags are both made with high quality material, with our unique added nylon peice at the top that ensures your flag's longevity
  • Our premium hardware is a bit easier to assemble, and features a bungy cord that runs inside all of the components for easy assembly
  • Our premium flag has an additional hook sewn in to the base of the flag that clips to the premium hardware to ensure a taut flag
  • Our premium flag comes with a 2 year warranty, while our standard harware does not.

High-Quality Custom Advertising Flags

Our feather flag kits include your printed flag, the pole set & the Stake Base. We can confidently say we have the finest quality feather flags in the United States! Our full color, high-quality printing process is second-to-none. Print extends from edge-to-edge, including the sleeve! 

Why Buy Custom Feather Flags From Half Price Banners?

  • Our feather flag kits include the printed flag, the pole set & the stake base.
  • The finest quality feather flags in the United States!
  • Full color, high-quality printing process is second-to-none.
  • Edge-to-edge printing (including the sleeve)
  • Sturdy 3-piece pole sets with a 2-year conditional warranty (available for pole sets sold with Single-Sided Premium Hardware Feather Flags only).

Why Opt for Half Price Banners Feather Flags or Wind Sail Flags?

  • Each flag is a custom flag and comes with a pole set, canvas carrying case, and ground stake.
  • Printed full color on 100% polyester fabric with a beautiful finish
  • Available in 9', 12', and 15' sizes (full height including hardware).
  • Single-sided flags have a faint mirrored image on the reverse side
  • Designed to stay open, remain taut, and last.
  • Additional Cross Base and/or Doughnut Weight can be added for use on any solid ground.

Single-Sided Feather Flag

The printed image saturates through the material resulting in a mirror-image of your print on the back side of the flag (+95% saturation).

  • Single-sided feather flags will last longer because of their lighter weight and ability to fly better in the wind.
  • Single-sided Premium Hardware feather flag kits include our 2-year pole warranty.

Double-Sided Feather Flag

  • Double-sided feather flags are printed on two separate single-sided flags and sewn together back-to-back with a block out layer between. Double-sided flags save the same image on the front and back of flag without a mirrored image
  • The heavier double-sided flags have less mobility due to added weight.
  • No Warranty available.

Is the Print Quality Good?

  • Our unique dye-sublimation printing process provides +95% ink saturation through the feather flag fabric (mirrored image on back).
  • In addition, the artwork is extended onto the sleeve, so both the front image and the back mirrored image extend from edge-to-edge.
  • The dye-sublimation process also helps prevent the flag's colors from fading. A double-sided flag combines two single-sided flags sewn together with a block out layer in between.

Are Feather Flags Flexible?

  • These flags were designed to stay open and remain taut - no folding or curling. The highly flexible but sturdy 'whip' is attached to the top of the pole and fed through the flag sleeve into the reinforced pocket at the top of the flag. This keeps the pole in place and prevents the top of the pole from tearing through. A reinforced, easy-to-use clip attaches the bottom of the flag to the stake or cross base, keeping the flag secure and taut even in windless conditions.
  • The base of the flag pole has a specially designed steel ball bearing that will attach to the pole receiver of the ground stake (or cross base) providing a 360-degree turning radius that will not wear down over use and time. This unique component is key to our product's functionality and longevity, which is why we have spared no expense!
  • Each premium Feather Flag comes standard with a ground stake attachment to be used in soft ground such as grass or dirt. Additionally, you can order our Cross Base and/or Weight Donut, which can be used on any solid ground, such as a sidewalk.
  • The custom easy-to use cotter pin allows you to keep your flag pole attached to the stake base or cross base instead of a twisted rope.

Color matching for this product is available for an additional fee of $50 per color for each item - Due to the dye sublimation process, color results may vary from your proof and from previous orders. We HIGHLY recommend paying for a color match to ensure your colors print accurately. Otherwise we cannot be liable for any color issues with this item. Please make a note of the Pantones you wish to match in the instructions box, and we will contact you to add color matching to your order.

Instructions & Care

To preserve the original colors of your fabric sail flags, we do not recommend washing this product. However, if necessary you may machine wash the fabric using a small amount of mild detergent mixed with cold water, but please be aware that this will darken the ink color and remove the satin-like sheen of this material. Only wash if absolutely necessary! To get the longest life out of your flags, we recommend bringing your displays inside if winds reach speeds of 30 mph or more.

Art Specs

Recommended files: PDF, AI, PSD, JPG, TIFF

Set up your art file at full print size and add 1” bleed to each edge. As an example, art for a 3’x8’ tapestry would be set up at 38”x96”.

For best print quality, we recommend a minimum resolution of 100 ppi at full print size. For example, an image that prints at 24”x24” would need to be 2400x2400 pixels or greater for best results of your custom fabric tapestry printing.





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