How to Assemble a Feather Flag?

Whether you’re promoting an event or showcasing a product sale or special offer, feather flags are pretty much a must-have. They get their name from their distinct feather shape and are perfect for virtually any purpose that requires catching the attention of foot and street traffic. One of the biggest advantages of feather flags is how easy they are to assemble. Here’s how to assemble a feather flag and three-piece pole set:

Step one: Lay everything out and inspect the hardware to make sure you have all of the components you need. You should have a carrying case, ground stake (or cross base), three-piece pole set and custom printed feather flag.

Step two: Use a hammer to drive the ground stake deep into the dirt. The deeper within the earth the ground stake is, the more secure it will be–even in high wind conditions. Skip this step if you’re using a cross base as these are intended for flat surfaces.

Step three: Assemble the flag support pole by attaching the flexible but sturdy “whip” to the top of the pole. This is as easy as it sounds and only takes a minute to do.

Step four: Next, slide the flag’s sleeve into the reinforced flag pocket and guide it up until it reaches the top of the flag. At the bottom of the flag is a small fabric loop. Using a reinforced clip, secure the flag to the support pole.

Step five: Attach the flag support pole to the pole receiver of the ground stake or cross base. The base of the flag pole is equipped with a steel ball bearing that allows the flag to rotate at a 360-degree angle and won’t wear down even with repeated use.

Once your feather flag is assembled, all you have left to do is sit back and watch it quickly grab the attention of passersby. At Half Price Banners, our feather flags are made from 100 percent 3.20-ounce polyester fabric and come in a variety of sizes and styles. Choose from single-sided or double-sided printing and create a unique and eye-catching design that draws people to your business.

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