How to Hang a Vinyl Banner on a Brick Wall

Vinyl banners are an extremely effective and affordable method for displaying your message, especially when used outdoors. They can be used to advertise a special event, promote a new product or service, increase brand awareness or provide directions to a specific location. In order to get the best use from your vinyl banner, it’s important to hang it correctly if you want to maximize its impact and extend its life. Improperly hung banners can become loose and have a tendency to rip, especially when exposed to bad weather.

In many cases, vinyl banners are hung on store walls or buildings so they’re easily visible from a distance, which makes hanging them a little more complicated. If you can, consider using a banner stand to display your vinyl banner, as this will make it easy to move or adjust. However, if you don’t have that option, there are plenty of other solutions. Here’s how to hang your vinyl banner on a brick wall:

  1. Rope—It’s likely that your first instinct is to use a rope to hang your vinyl banner. This method works fine as long as there’s somewhere on the brick wall where you can tie the rope to. The best way to do this is to weave your rope between the grommet holes. You’ll need to do this on both the top and bottom grommets of your vinyl banner, making sure to weave from left to right. This keeps your banner balanced and prevents it from crinkling and scrunching so your banner always looks presentable and has a much longer life.

  2. Bungee Cords—If you can, try using bungee cords instead of rope as they’re much more convenient and durable. Bungee cords make it easy for the wind to pass through the banner, reducing the stress on the grommet holes so that they’re less likely to rip or tear. Again, in order for this method to work, there needs to be somewhere on the brick wall where you can attach the bungee cords to hang your vinyl banner.

  3. Drill Holes—If your only option is to hang your vinyl banner directly on the brick wall, then you’ll need to drive a few screws or hooks into the brick in order to anchor your banner. This is a simple and effective method but is a more permanent solution because it will leave holes in the wall. Make sure you ask the owner of the building for permission before you start drilling.

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