Are vinyl banners recyclable?

One of the biggest challenges of using vinyl banners is that they are not recyclable. Most promotional banners are made out of polyvinyl chloride, a type of plastic that is not recyclable or biodegradable. They are often used for a period of time and then thrown away, ending up in landfills along with other waste. Our banners are constructed from a soft, flexible vinyl material made specifically for signage. They are high-quality, extremely durable and designed to last for years. Our standard 13 oz. vinyl banners are among the strongest on the market and can last for years when cared for properly. And, while they can’t be recycled, they can certainly be reused over and over again.

If you’re ordering a banner for an event that happens every year, make sure to design it so that it can be used year to year. Keep your banners evergreen: Focus on branding rather than themes and specific messaging and avoid including anything that could date them.

To extend the life of your vinyl banners so that you get the most use out of them, make sure to store them properly. We recommend rolling them up and storing them in their original packaging, as folding the banners could result in wrinkles or creases or could cause the ink to transfer. Remember to keep your banners in a dry space and avoid storing them in areas where they could be exposed to extreme temperatures.

Rather than throwing your banners away once they have reached the end of their life, try coming up with other ways you can use them. Get creative! You can turn them into tote bags, use them as tarps to cover something up or donate them to a local school or humane society to find alternative uses for them.

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