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In our highly mobile, hectic world, it’s not easy getting anyone’s attention or keeping it for long. But there are effective ways to get noticed by the motorists speeding by, sometimes with their noses buried in their smartphones. Colorful banners and signs with flashy messages are an effective, low-tech method to capture the attention of people distracted by our fast-moving, high-tech world.

At Half Price Banners, we carry a huge selection of banner templates that can help you get started in creating your own unique banners and signs. If you already employ these simple, effective tools but are looking for something better and more effective, you have come to the right place. We offer high-quality banners that boast double the thread count of those offered by most of our competitors. That means they will stand up to the elements.

At the same time, our dedicated professional graphic designers will help you create your own custom banner with our free banner template. Whether you are looking for a retractable banner template, a feather banner design template or some other kind of banner or sign, you simply can’t go wrong here. Our retractable banner design templates, as well as all our other vinyl banner design templates and signs, are covered by our guarantees of your complete satisfaction, affordable prices and quick turnaround.

Whether you need a business banner or sign to increase foot traffic at your shop or are searching for a residential banner or sign to celebrate a significant event, we can help you produce a durable banner that is uniquely yours. Choose from event banners to guide the way to parties, fundraisers or school reunions as well as holiday banners to celebrate the season.

If you are a political candidate seeking to boost your name recognition, our political banners and signs will do so at low cost. We also can produce banners and signs for initiatives and referenda as well as neutral signs and banners showing the way to polling places.

Celebrate sports or a homecoming with the banners we help you create, or encourage more students to shop at your store with signs and banners advertising student discounts. Show the world your patriotism with a banner or sign carrying your patriotic message, or demonstrate your pride in a family member in the service. It really doesn’t matter. With a banner design template from Half Price Banners, you can deliver virtually any message for practically any purpose.

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