Political Signs & Banners

Political Signs & Banners

If you have something political to say, speak loud and proud with our selection of Political Signs. Support anyone from your local, state, or federal politician with a sign that reflects your preferred viewpoint. If you agree or disagree with a law that’s currently being vote on, you have the freedom to share your thoughts through displays. The options are truly endless.

Each design comes in a variety of materials such as vinyl and coroplast. The design themes will reflect the following messaging: Vote Here, Vote Democrat, Vote Republican, Campaign Signs, Vote Yes/No on Prop X, and more. These themes come with their own unique design template to make your political message stand out.

There are many places where you can effectively use our political banners and yard signs. Banners, which range in size from 2 feet by 2 feet to 5 feet by 30 feet, can be placed on indoor walls or hung outside on buildings. The “Vote Here” sign or banner is a highly visible way to promote a polling place and make it stand out from the street. Political yard signs to promote a candidate is a common sight every campaign season. These vibrant, colorful signs will let your neighbors know where you stand on the important issues.

Do you already have your own design ready to go? With our handy online tool, you can upload your artwork and we’ll print your sign or banner directly from what you provide us. You can also upload individual components like a photograph or a logo and design it however you like. If you’d like some assistance from a professional sign designer, we have that available too! Half Price Banners offers the lowest prices, highest quality signs and best customer service—it’s a winning ticket!

For all your signage needs, look no further. Browse our inventory today!

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