Banner Care

How can I clean my vinyl banner?

Custom Banners can be cleaned with a mild soap and water mix using a soft nonabrasive rag. While the inks will hold up to a gentle cleaning, the banners are not meant to be scrubbed.

How should I store my banner?

  • Roll the banner with the ink side facing in and place it back in the shipping carton.
  • If your banner came with a sheet of protective nonstick paper, save it and place it over the print side of the banner before rolling.
  • For best results, we recommend you store your rolled banners upright in a cool, dry area.
  • Save the box that your banner arrives in if you will need to store your banner for future use. Keep the banner away from excessive heat, cold and moisture, and always store the box in an upright vertical position to avoid creasing.
  • NEVER fold the banner so that the printed surface is folded over onto itself. Avoid "ink on ink" contact whenever possible. Prolonged ink on ink contact will result in ink transfer and smudging, especially in hot weather.

What is the best way to hang my banner outdoors?

  • If hanging your banner outdoors, use bungee cords instead of rope. This will reduce the strain on the banner material.
  • Our banners are formulated to withstand most normal wind conditions. For maximum banner life, always take your banner down on days with heavy or extremely gusty winds.

Can I get my banner with wind slits?

No, we do not provide or recommend wind slits. Adding wind slits cuts through the scrim that provides the banner's strength- weakening the material, making shredding more likely, and greatly reducing the life of the banner. Adding wind slits to your banner will negate any warranty. For high wind environments, we recommend ordering Mesh or Heavy Duty (18 oz) Banners.

Can I wash my fabric banner?

We do not recommend washing fabric banners under any circumstance - the ink will bleed and the banners will fade.

How do I apply my adhesive banner?

  • Wipe the application surface clean.
  • Lay banner face-down on the floor. Peel back about 6” of the backing from the edge.
  • Pick up the banner and carefully position the banner in place. Press the 6” of exposed adhesive in place.
  • Starting from the sticky edge, slowly peel away the wax paper backing towards you, allowing the banner to slowly make contact with the surface.
  • MOST IMPORTANT: As you pull away the backing use a squeegee, a plastic card, or even your hands to smooth out air bubbles as you press the design firmly into place.
  • Once applied, run your hand over the surface to check for air bubbles. Pierce them with a pin and press down into place.
  • To reapply: Rinse the adhesive backing with water and wipe clean. Do not apply adhesive banners over loose paint, dust or grime. It will not re-stick.

How do I set-up my Retractable Banner?

  • Place the base steady on the floor. If your base has supporting feet, rotate the feet to sit perpendicular to the base.
  • Insert the shock cord pole into the hole in the center of the base. Ensure that the pole is seated completely into the bottom half of the base.
  • Stand facing the back of the base and gently pull the banner rail upwards. Clip the hook into the opening located on the pole.
  • Note: to keep the retractable banner from leaning forward, always ensure that the pole is inserted into the hole on the base correctly. Bases have a hole cutout on the top and one hidden inside the base, and the pole must be seated completely into the bottom half of the circle cutout.

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