What Is the Best Size for an Advertising Banner?

When ordering a banner for advertising your offerings and promoting your business, it’s important to select the correct size to ensure they’re effective in displaying your message to your customers. The size you choose for your banner depends largely on how you plan to use it and where it will be displayed. Whether you plan on using a banner to attract trade show attendees to your booth or setting one up outside of your storefront to draw in customers and advertise a sale or special, there are a variety of sizes to choose from.

Our standard banners are available in sizes 2’x2’ up to 5’x30’. Our large format banners come in sizes 6’x6’ up to 20’x100’. Custom sizes are available for most banners upon request. Keep in mind that all banner sizes are approximate due to hemming. This means that your banner may be within one or two inches of the ordered size.

When ordering a banner intended for advertising outdoors and you want it to be visible from a distance, we recommend our large format banners, which can be seen from 15 to 20 feet or more away. If you plan on using your banner to promote your offerings inside your business, then our standard sizing options are perfect for you. Exhibiting at a trade show and concerned about space? Consider our standard banners, as well. It’s easy to think that bigger is better when it comes to drawing visitors to your booth, but when it comes to trade show exhibits, it’s important to maximize your space where you can. Trade show space is expensive. Rather than take up valuable space with a large banner, opt for standard sizing options and focus on creating an eye-catching design for a dramatic impact.

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