5 Reasons Why Custom Signs Are So Important for Your Business

  • February 5, 2019 by Half Price Banners

Custom window sign showing outside view

When it comes to marketing, always remember the 4Ps. Also called the marketing mix, the 4Ps model includes four categories that are involved in the marketing of products or services—price, promotions, product and place. When marketing your business and your services, you want to be sure your strategy sticks to this model. Using custom signs to promote your business is one way to ensure you do just that. Custom signs play a critical role in the promotional strategy and growth of your business overall. Here are five reasons why they are so important for your business:  


Yellow flag signs with ‘Sale’ in black text

  1. They allow you to be creative—Custom signs act as a canvas for you and your team to create a promotional display that stands out from the competition. You have complete control over the design of your signs, so get creative! Choose styles and colors that are eye-catching to your audience but also establish a clear identity of your company and your brand.

  2. They help you increase salesWindow banners are some of the most revenue-driven types of signage that you can include in your business. They are part of the gigantic out-of-home (OOT) advertising industry that includes advertising and promotions that are not digital advertising, radio or TV ads. Businesses in the U.S. spend around $10 billion annually on out-of-home advertising and promotions, according to statistics. If you have a physical storefront, window signs are an effective method for promoting sales and special discounts.

  3. They help increase brand awareness—The human brain processes images at a faster rate than text. According to research, about 90 percent of information sent to the brain is visual. These findings showcase the importance of imagery if you want to connect with potential customers. Custom-made signs are effective in communicating messages to your audience because they combine attractive imagery, color and engaging text to create powerful and memorable messages that resonate with people. The direct result is increased brand awareness. The more people who know about your brand, the more trusting they are of your services and the more likely they are to purchase from you.

  4. They help customers find your location—If you have a small business that is not easily visible by street and foot traffic, consider how custom signs can help. You’ve heard the phrase “out of sight, out of mind”—if your audience can’t see or find you, it’s likely they aren’t thinking about you or the products and services you offer either. Use custom signs to help guide potential customers to your business. Clearly placed signs that include location-driven imagery will help point your customers in the right direction.

  5. They improve direct foot trafficA report about out-of-home advertising by Nielsen found that 16 percent of people who see a sign or an  advertisement displayed outside of a storefront visited the business immediately after seeing it. With this in mind, custom-made signs can help to boost store traffic during slower months and they maintain a steady stream of foot traffic compared to times where you don’t have signs displayed. Outdoor displays and feather flags are two perfect types of signage for this purpose.


Custom A-Frame sign advertising happy hour times and specials

Custom signs help create a solid foundation for the growth of your company because they put marketing and promotions at the forefront of your business plan. Your customers are aware of special prices, discounts and sales because your signs provide them with that information. Strategically placed signs can also help direct potential customers to your location, increasing foot traffic, and hopefully, increasing sales. By incorporating custom signage into your marketing strategy, you can help your business compete effectively in today’s current climate.

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