5 Reasons to Choose A High-Res Banner

Posted by Half Price Banners on Aug 3rd 2018

5 Reasons to Choose A High-Res Banner

Our sharpest indoor High-Resolution Vinyl Banner will create a sleek display for any occasion! If you are looking for a banner that will make your message and design pop, then look no further! This banner will turn heads and get your brand or event noticed instantly. Let’s look at the top 5 benefits the high-resolution banner has to offer and why it’s the perfect fit for you:

Crisp Images

Crisp, sharp images printed on smooth 13-ounce vinyl. Create your own design or marketing message that will stand out!. The crystal-clear images are viewable from almost any distance which creates maximum visibility to clients and customers! Hang this banner up in front of your business with a catchy marketing message or for decorating your event.

Museum Grade Quality

These banners have a unique museum quality that creates a professional display! Showcase your art work on this banner to be presented at a special event. Your design will make a statement and create the perfect first impression!

Anti-Glare Finish

We print using UV resistant inks, which leave an anti-glare finish on the banner. This handy benefit lets your audience view your display from any angle!

Perfect for Events & Tradeshows

High Resolution Banners can be used for any event! These banners would work perfectly for a tradeshow and attract customers instantly. For tradeshows, use the banner to showcase new products, promote new sales, and displaying your logo. For retail stores, use the banner to present a clothing line or sale. The crisp images will grab your customers attention and create more foot traffic into your business! High-resolution banners are also durable, so you can use them for multiple events.

Color Clarity

Color clarity is important when looking for the right banner to display at your event or business. High-resolution banners are printed at 300 DPI that generates high-quality colors. Get creative and design your own art work and make your colors pop! Your bright signage will impress new and existing customers! .

You can never go wrong with an indoor high-resolution banner. Start customizing your own signage or work with our team of professional graphic designers to come up with a perfect look!

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