Find Your Sign Personality

Posted by Half Price Banners on Mar 7th 2019

Find Your Sign Personality

Find Your Sign Personality

We understand that each person is unique when it comes to their custom signage. We like to call this sign personality! Whichever personality you are, we have a display that will match your needs! Which sign personality are you? Let’s find out:

The Volunteer of The Year

This might be you if you are a coordinator that is helping to promote an organization or charity. Your goals might be focused on bringing awareness to your event, organization, or fundraising effort. Your number one priority is getting the word out to the public! If this sounds like your goal, look no further! There are many signs and displays that are ideal for promoting an organization, but we have a couple perfect products in mind just for you.

Table Throws- Customize your Table Throw with your organization’s logo or your own design to make your table pop! Display a Table Throw at your event or fundraiser to attract people/donators. This Table Throw is lightweight and can be folded up and taken with you to your next event!

Tension Fabric Displays- Create a big statement with Tension Fabric Pop Up Displays! Set up your display in just minutes. Easily pull your graphic over the hardware and let the stunning graphics work its magic! Order multiple graphics for several occasions. You can easily switch your graphics in no time. Add your company logo and sponsors on this display and place in your event. Design your own image and create customer engagement by turning your Tension Fabric Display into a photo booth! Everyone will be excited to come to your event/fundraiser and learn more about your organization.

The Planning Parent

This personality fits you if you are planning for a special occasion. You are exploring options to make the celebration extra special! To make this event special you are considering buying a custom product to enhance the occasion. Here are the sign options we have in mind for you:

Backlit SEG Pop Up Displays- This display will definitely enhance the occasion. Your Backlit SEG Pop Up Display will light up the whole room, giving everyone a wow factor! SEG stands for silicone edge graphics. The seamless material slips right into the frame creating a smooth and elegant display. Add this display to your special event and use as a backdrop to take photos!

Economy Retractable Banners- If you are looking for something more affordable, Economy Retractables are an easy and attractive way to display your message! Use this sign to guide your guests to the event or place multiple together to make a stunning backdrop. The PET vinyl is printed with beautiful full color, making any image or design stand out.

The Best Business Owner

This might be you if you are promoting your company’s brand, products, or events. You know that you need to get your name out there but need help with the design process. At Half Price Banners we have many signs to fit your business needs! Here are some displays that we think you’ll benefit from:

Vinyl Banner Yard Signs- Promote your business while still looking professional with our Vinyl Banner Yard Signs! The durable steel hardware is strong enough to last outdoors without rusting or falling over. Your 13 oz Matte Vinyl sign is placed securely in the frame and gives you a double sided graphic! Work with one of our professional designers to come up with the best advertising plan. Order replacement graphics and switch your messaging out when needed.

A-Frame- This simple, yet attractive display will create foot traffic into your business! A-Frames are waterproof and easily repositionable. Place on the sidewalk or right in front of your store. If you want to change your message, no problem! Simply order replacement sidewalk graphics from us and install them in your A-frames. The process is quick and inexpensive.

The Team Player

You might be a team player if your manager has tasked you with ordering signage. It’s important to you that the final product be of high quality. Don’t worry! We have recommendations that will make you and your manager happy.

13 oz Vinyl Banners- Our best seller is always the way to go when you need a high-quality banner! 13 oz Vinyl is perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings. The durable, waterproof and fade resistant banner will never disappoint. Your graphic will always be vibrant and look great from up close or far away viewing. Place your logo or come up with your own design to stand out from your competitors. Our new design tool can help you make the best signage for your business or event!

Heavy Duty 18 oz Vinyl Banners- Looking for a more permanent signage solution? Heavy Duty 18 oz Vinyl Banners are the way to go! This is our strongest and thickest vinyl for outdoor use. Trust us! We have put it up for the test. This durable and vibrant banner will display your custom design beautifully while being able to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use.

The Client Coordinator

This personality might fit you if you are helping a client grow. You come up with creative but cost-effective ways for companies to deliver their brand and sell more products and services. Check out these recommendations that are guaranteed to help your client grow in their business!

Value Flags- Flags are a unique way to catch the eyes of many customers. All flags are made with dye-sublimated print and UV-resistant inks. We have different shapes and sizes for all your marketing needs. Our three different value flags are Value Feather Flags , Value Rectangle Flags and Teardrop Flags. With full spectrum color and customized flag printing, you can reach your audience exactly how you want to, giving them something professional and bold to see!

Window Banners- Spruce up your business with a Window Banner! Your client will be satisfied with how professional and creative looking these banners are. Store windows offer a great place for advertising that may often be overlooked. At Half Price Banners, our perforated window banners make for stylish and sleek storefront advertising at a budget friendly price, creating a great first impression for potential customers.

Whichever your personality, we have a signage solution for you! Get started on your custom display now with our new design tool or get the help from one of our professional designers!

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