How To Make A Parade Banner

Posted by Half Price Banners on Feb 13th 2019

How To Make A Parade Banner

How To Make A Parade Banner

It’s time to start thinking about St. Patrick’s Day! St. Patrick’s Day is all about celebrating. A 13 oz Vinyl Banner is perfect for displaying your festive message at a parade! Start designing your banner with the help of our new design tool. Let’s take a look at some design tips that will help your banner stand out in a crowd and look aesthetically pleasing.


Go green! St. Patrick’s Day parades are green as far as the eye can see. Think about designing your 13 oz Vinyl Banner with green and gold accents. It can be hard to stand out when everyone and everything is in green, but with your custom and unique design, no one else will have the same banner as you! Use some of our fun clip art in the design tool to add some excitement to your display!


When you are designing you want to keep in mind that your text should be legible for everyone to read. Some good fonts to use are Helvetica, Cooper Black, and Rockwell. If you are wanting something a little more decorative try using Limelight, Lobster Two or Merienda. Make sure you pick a good contrasting color to stand out on your banner. If you have a green banner, black text would work great. Mix and match your fonts, but make sure it’s not too busy. Sometimes pairing your simple font with one decorative font is just what you need to add some flare.

Pole Pockets and Sizing

Need to hang your banner up for everyone to see? Add two pole pockets on both sides of your St Patrick’s Day banner! This will allow you to place two poles on both sides, so your banner is always being held up. To stand out, you will need your banner to be big enough. A 4’x6’ or 5’x6' is a good size to display at a parade. If you want to go even bigger, we have custom sizes for all your needs!

Now that you have gotten some tips on how to design your parade banner, you're ready to start designing. Remember to take advantage of the design too and get creative!

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