How To Read Your Art Notes

Posted by Half Price Banners on May 22nd 2019

How To Read Your Art Notes

Our expert designers will work with you to create a unique and professional design that will bring your message to life. Well-designed graphics that grab attention and effectively communicate your message will increase the return on your investment for your business or by decorating and attracting guests to your event! At Half Price Banners we want you to have the best experience possible when designing your banner!

Before you check out with your specific product there are three options listed to the right of your screen; Upload File, Let Us Design, and Design online. After you submit your files you will assigned a designer who carefully looks over your artwork, they will contact you regarding the quality of your artwork and will give you feedback to improve it to make the best impact for your event or business. We always send you a proof of your artwork to approve or request changes before it gets sent to production!

When you receive an email updating you that your proof is ready to review, you will be informed if your artwork is print ready or if it needs a little more work. Most of the time poor artwork resolution is a result from pixelation. If your artwork is pixelated this means the little boxes that make up your image become fuzzy and create rough edges. Pixelated images can be a result of low-resolution photos being resized. In some cases, we can clean up or redraw your bad artwork for a small additional fee, otherwise we can always print the banner “as-is.” To avoid pixelation or blurriness we recommend using Vector files for best results.

Listed below are a few notes your designer will provide for you and give you tips before moving forward with the process. Let’s break this down for you so you know exactly the quality of your artwork before it gets sent to production:

  • Waiting on Artwork: This status means your designer is still waiting on your artwork to be uploaded! You can either reply back to the notification with your files or you can use to easily transfer files to us. Simply fill out the info fields, add your order number to the message and click transfer!
  • Artwork Meets Requirements: You will receive this artwork status when your artwork meets our size and resolution requirements. This means your artwork will print clearly! You then will have a chance to approve this or add any finishing touches to your banner.
  • Low Resolution Warning-Mild: A mild warning means your artwork has slight pixelation and blurriness. Don’t worry too much- although there is some blurriness to your banner, it should be okay to view if an audience is viewing from 5-10 feet away.
  • Low Resolution Warning-Moderate: A moderate warning means your artwork will print rough due to pixelation and blurriness in your artwork. Your banner should look fine if your audience is viewing from 10-15 feet. If this is not the case, your designer might advise to submit high resolution images.
  • Low Resolution Warning-Severe: Uh oh! This warning means you need new artwork. Severe artwork is not suitable for print. In some cases, your artwork would look fine if it was viewed from 15 plus feet, if this is not the case than we suggest contacting your designer for details or uploading new artwork.

Our designers understand banner design and the best ways to fully utilize your display space. This is why we give you honest feedback about your artwork resolution. We want to ensure your banner is going to be printed to your liking! As always, if you have any questions please give us a call or contact your assigned graphic designer!

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