How to Use a Banner During the Holidays

Posted by Half Price Banners on Nov 1st 2018

How to Use a Banner During the Holidays

Top 5 Ways to use a 13 oz Vinyl Banner During the Holiday

Take advantage of the holiday season with some holiday signage! Display your marketing message or sale with our 13 oz Standard Vinyl Banners. These banners are printed on durable 13 oz Matte Vinyl with vibrant colors. Making sure your customized message makes a statement! Start customizing your professional message with the help from our designers and get ready to display your holiday banner!


Tis the season for sales! Shoppers are eager to find the best deals for their holiday shopping. Promoting your sale with a 13 oz Standard Vinyl Banner gets you noticed from far away and gives you the opportunity to design your unique holiday message. Hang your banner outside your store or business to increase foot traffic. 13 oz Vinyl is fade resistant and waterproof, which makes it ideal for hanging indoors and temporary outdoors. The long-term benefit allows you to reuse your banner, perfect for displaying for next year’s holiday sale too!


Spread the word to the community about upcoming Christmas and candle light services. Place the 13 oz Vinyl Banner outside of the Church or near a busy street to increase visibility! Welcome new guests into your church with a festive banner design. Not only can you use these banners for welcoming guests to a Christmas service, but you can also use it for decoration. Display banners inside with verses, psalms, or even for a Christmas backdrop. The possibilities are endless!

Charity Drives

Support a good cause this season with a charity event! 13 oz Vinyl is great for welcoming volunteers and guests to the event! Design your custom banner with important information about the event such as: donation information, date, time, location and the charity being supported. Get friends, family, neighbors, and peers involved by placing banners around the community and get ready for a big charity drive!


If you’re coordinating an event such as photos with Santa or a Christmas light reveal, a custom, decorative banner can get people to participate and make the most out of their holiday! Catch the eyes of the community with a vibrant and colorful custom design. Pictures with Santa is always the best time of the year for kids, make the atmosphere come to life and turn your 13 oz Vinyl Banner into a winter wonderland back drop! It will create the perfect picture and the perfect memory.


Schools are getting ready to prepare for programs and musicals around the holiday season. Get family and friends excited to come watch their kids perform by placing a 13 oz banner in front of the school! The vinyl material is the strongest in the market, making sure your custom banner is always being displayed, even in the harsh winter weather. Get noticed and draw in a big crown for a night to remember with family and holiday fun!

We want you to get in the holiday spirit with our customizable, 13 oz standard vinyl banner. Add some holiday flare to your banner and brighten up your space with a vibrant and colorful message! If you're looking for more specifics on how to order or design your Holiday Banners, please contact our support team, and we'd be happy to help!

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