Sturdy & Stunning Outdoor Flags

Posted by Half Price Banners on Mar 7th 2019

Sturdy & Stunning Outdoor Flags

With a variety of flags to choose from it can be difficult to pick the right flag for you. All our flags are dye sublimated with UV-Resistant Inks. The vibrant and colorful fabric is made with 3.2 oz polyester. Flag kits come with flagpole accessories including pole sets and ground stakes that will let you easily put up the flag in grassy areas. No matter what flag you choose, all flags are perfect for grabbing attention and creating a unique visual impact!

Value Flags

Value Flags are our single-sided customizable flags. The sturdy hardware comes with the flag and is made with fiberglass/metal composite and an in-ground stake. The 95% ink saturation through the fabric creates a mirrored image on the back side of all our single sided flags. These lighter, single-sided flags turn more easily with the wind, giving less tug on the pole and stake. Since these flags fly with the wind better they are made to last long term! Stick your value flag right into the ground, customers will be able to see your advertisement/message from far away!

Our Value Flags come in 3 different shapes for all your messaging needs! Our Value Feather Flag comes in a feather like shape. These single-sided flags come in 3 sizes: 9ft, 12ft, and 15ft. Our Value Rectangle Flags are in a rectangle shape and provide a larger area to place your custom design! Rectangle Flags are available in sizes 7ft, 9ft, 12ft and 15ft. Lastly, we have a Value Teardrop Flag that catch the attention of everyone with its unique shape! Tear Drop Flags are available in sizes 8ft, 11ft and 15ft

Deluxe Feather Flags

These sturdy and strong outdoor Deluxe Feather Flags are available single-sided or double-sided! The all-aluminum hardware allows your flag to turn 360 degrees. This will insure that your massage will be seen from any angle. Our sturdy 3-piece pole sets are so well-designed that we even provide a 2-year conditional warranty on our single-sided Deluxe Feather Flags. If you are planning on keeping your flag long-term outdoors, we suggest this durable flag. We promise you that our Deluxe Feather Flag Kits are the highest quality feather flags in the United States! Choose from sizes 9ft, 12ft and 15ft and get ready to display your eye-catching flag!

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