Bridal Shower Signs & Banners

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Bridal Shower Signs & Banners

When a wedding’s coming up, most people pull out all the stops. After all, a wedding certainly rates as one of life’s most important events. If you’re planning a wedding shower, whether for a small, intimate group of old friends or for a larger crowd, bridal shower banners and yard signs will add just the right touch of festivity leading up to the big day. At Half Price Banners, we can provide you with Custom Bridal Shower Banners and Yard Signs that will truly live up to the importance of this special occasion.

Using our free templates and working with our team of professional graphic designers, you can get exactly the effect you are looking for. Choose colors that complement your wedding’s theme, and create text and graphics that will have special meaning for everyone. We’ll send you a proof of our design team’s proposed banner or sign for your final approval. When you have okayed the layout, we’ll go ahead with our full-color printing and production right here in our U.S. facilities. We pride ourselves on fast turnaround and superior customer service and will get you your custom order quickly.

Our personalized wedding shower banners and yard signs also offer you a choice of materials. Choose from sturdy vinyl or free-flowing fabric for your bridal banner. Our yard signs are made of Coroplast, a special type of corrugated plastic that is lightweight yet strong and sturdy.

Suitable for use indoors or outside, our bridal shower banners and yard signs are easy to set up and just as easy to take down when the fun is over. They will serve as important keepsakes of this happy day.

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