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Product Overview

Custom Fabric Banners

Custom Fabric Banners are ideal for indoor events and spaces, providing crisp and vibrant imagery on a premium matte material. Fabric Banners can be hung easily with a role and grommets, or you can select pole pockets on the top and bottom for an elevated and taut look. Display backdrops, event information and beautiful images in any space with our full cusotm premium fabric banners. 

Beautiful Dye Sublimated Fabric to Show Off Your Message

  • 7 oz Polyester Fabric with Matte Finish
  • Lightweight, but Sturdy Opaque Fabric
  • Durable & Wrinkle-Resistant
  • Ideal for Indoor Displays
  • Dye-Sublimated Printing for Professional Fade-Proof Color
  • Sewn Hems & Grommets Included
  • Pole Pockets Optional 

Need a custom size? Simply select the closest size and put your exact sizing in the custom fabric banner design instructions. 

Custom Fabric Banners

An elegant indoor display or event sign

Custom Fabric Banners are ideal for indoor events and spaces, providing crisp and vibrant imagery on a premium matte material. Fabric Banners can be hung easily with a role and grommets, or you can select pole pockets on the top and bottom for an elevated and taut look. Display backdrops, event information and beautiful images in any space with our full cusotm premium fabric banners. 

Half Price Banners is the home for affordable custom banners, flags, signs, displays, and tapestries. We offer you quality custom products at half the price. With over 150 products in our collection, you get the best fabric banners in the market without breaking the bank. Our tapestry banners are a smart investment to maximize your branding potential.

Our Products

From traditional to contemporary, we have it all. Our collection holds all kinds of custom banners, flags, decals, and tapestries made of various materials like fabric, vinyl, and mesh. We support signs in any format, whether a pole flag or a backdrop. Additionally, we also print custom tablecloths for booth tables at special events. Our most popular products include retractable and aluminum frame tension fabric banners. You can also purchase the accessories associated with your signage, like flagpoles and banner stands, from us.

Printing Process

Start printing your custom tapestry with a free art check. Our team advises you on the design, size, and quantity of your product at no cost. And you can choose from our templates and make revisions without extra charges.

Depending on your material, the actual printing process will differ. With fabric, the material is standard hemmed and has grommets every few feet. You can choose to customize where these are placed. We use dye-sublimation, which saturates the fabric rather than printing on the surface. This process ensures higher-quality images and longer durability. With vinyl, we use top-quality CMYK printing using eco-friendly inks and solvents.

Once the order is placed, you receive confirmation within 1 business day and expect shipping within 7 to 8 business days unless your order is approved after 1 pm CST, which might take extra days.

Our Cloth Banner Features

  • Quality: Printed using dye-sublimation onto polyester fabric for a fully infused, vibrant banner with a long-lasting photo-quality print
  • Multi-Function: Recommended for indoor or low-stress outdoor environments
  • Finishing: Standard finishing includes sewn hems and reinforced grommets every few feet
  • Sizes: Available in sizes from 2'x2' to 10'x75'
  • Blockout layer: All double-sided custom fabric banners include a blockout layer to eliminate see-through

Pole pockets are available for an additional $2.00 per foot. Folded for shipping - some creasing may occur.


Color matching for this product is available for an additional fee of $50 per color for each item - Due to the dye sublimation process, color results may vary from your proof and from previous orders. We HIGHLY recommend paying for a color match to ensure your colors print accurately when custom fabric banner printing at Otherwise, we cannot be liable for any color issues with this item. Please make a note of the Pantones you wish to match in the instructions box, and we will contact you to add color matching to your order.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the main differences between fabric and vinyl banners?

Our custom fabric banner material is much more delicate and is designed primarily for indoor use. Our fabric banners also use sewn hems rather than heat welded hems. Both types of hemming will strengthen the product to be able to hang for longer without ripping.

Are custom fabric and cloth banners the same?

Fabric is a type of cloth, but just labeling something as fabric could describe a very wide range of materials.  It’s important to know what you’re getting, and we try to be as specific as possible with showing what are materials are and how they feel so that there are no surprises when you receive your banner.

Can I upload my own custom art?

Yes! Every banner that we make is customized with custom fabric banner printing at, and it’s simple to upload your files on our site. We print all colors and styles, and we make it easy to upload your art files. Our site supports most filetypes, and if there’s somehow any problem then we’d be glad to help if you reach out to our customer support team. After checkout, a designer will personally verify the quality of art and send a proof to be reviewed. This proof will include the hem lines and grommet placements.

Can I make double sided fabric signs?

Yes! We offer double sided options for all of our custom fabric banner sizes. To make these double sided, we sew two pieces of dyed fabric together.  Just select the “Double Sided” dropdown to choose this option.  

Can I choose where my hems or grommets will be placed?

We do offer custom options for where you place your hems and grommets. We have a few different places where you can make notes for the design team that can be found either when you’re uploading your art file or at checkout.

What is dye-sublimation printing?

Our custom fabric banner printing at is done using a special dye-sublimation process that saturates the material with ink rather than printing directly on the material. Our special fabric banner printing technique extends the life of the product while making it resistant to scratches and fading.

Do you have large fabric banners?

Yes! Our standard sizes now go up to 10’x75’, though if you need even larger sizes then you should give us a call for a quote.

How should I hang my cloth banner?

Most fabric hanging banners will be hung using grommets or pole pockets. Many fabric advertising banners will use these two methods, though these are such high quality that they can also be used in a similar way as table throws. We do not suggest poking your own holes in the banner to hang it, as this will reduce the overall strength of the material.

Can this fabric banners be used outdoors?

While you can use this outdoors, we do not suggest putting these under harsh weather because it will reduce the life of the banner. The fabric is scratch resistant, but it is not resistant to tearing or rips. If handled carefully and used indoors, these products can last for years.

Do you offer other types of custom cloth banners?

Our polyester custom fabric banners is our primary material, and it comes in other forms such as feather flags. We also offer canvas banners. Canvas and polyester materials are very different, and canvas banner printing is more similar to the process we use for vinyl. 



These banners come standard with sewn hems and grommets every few feet.

Sewn pole pockets are available for $5.00 (1 pocket) or $8.00 (2 pockets). Standard pocket size is 3” flat (fits 1” diameter pole). Alternate pocket sizes can be requested and customized at using the instructions box.

Please note that Fabric Banners are folded when packaged and shipped, so some creasing will occur. Any creases usually work themselves out after one to three days of hanging the banner and hanging or laying your banner on a flat surface in direct sunlight will help speed up this process.

Instructions & Care

To preserve the colors of your fabric banner, we do not recommend washing this product. However, if necessary, you may machine wash the fabric using a small amount of mild detergent mixed with cold water, but please be aware that this will darken the ink color and change the appearance of this material. Install in a dry indoor area, and only wash if absolutely necessary!

Art Specs

Recommended files: PDF, AI, PSD, JPG, TIFF

Set up your art file at full print size and add 1” bleed to each edge. As an example, art for a 3’x8’ fabric banner would be set up at 38”x96”.

For best print quality, we recommend a minimum resolution of 100 ppi at full print size. For example, an image that prints at 24”x24” would need to be 2400x2400 pixels or greater for best results of your custom fabric banner printing at

Step 1: Choose Size & Quantity

Free Proofing & Revisions

Our designers will personally verify your artwork to ensure
the best print quality.

You always get to revise your designs of fabric banners at no extra charge.


Why Choose Half Price Banners?

Half Price Banners offers premium quality printing on a wide range of display products, including custom tapestry banners, for a fraction of the market price. With no middleman and in-house production, our prices are significantly lower than typical custom banner printers. Your business deserves the best, and we've been delivering just that for over 20 years with our high-quality banners and tapestries. Contact us today and get a free quote for your banner.




Once you place your order, you will receive a proof within one business day.

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