How Do I Set Up My Retractable Banner?

Retractable banners are one of the most successful and cost-effective ways to display your company’s brand, showcase a special sale or promote your business at a trade show. They come in a variety of styles and sizes but, best of all, they’re easy to set up and can be displayed virtually anywhere. Not all retractable banners are created equal and each one is a little different in its own way, but the set-up is simple. In most cases, retractable banners use a stand and a support pole that is inserted through the base of the banner. Then, the banner is pulled up and connected to the top of the support pole to display the banner in full.

The steps for setting up your retractable banner stand are as follows:

  1. Remove the stand and support pole from the carrying case. Gather all of your materials and lay them out in front of you. Make sure you have everything you need to properly set up your stand.

  2. Some retractable banner stands have feet located below the base that help stabilize the stand. Before connecting your support pole to the stand, make sure the feet have been set to the correct position to ensure your stand has the proper support.

  3. Next, connect the support pole to the stand by placing it in the slot.

  4. With your base properly secured and the support pole correctly set up, you can now slowly pull up your banner from the base. Try to avoid pulling the banner out of the base too fast or you could risk damaging the track or the banner itself.

  5. Finally, attach the banner to the support pole. Make sure the banner is secure and taut.

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