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Foster the importance of safety within the workplace with customized and impactful messaging and graphics. Choose from vinyl banners, fabric banners, coroplast yard signs, and non-slip floor signs and space them throughout your building so they’re visible where they need to be.


Our messaging includes the following:


X days without an accident
Hard-hat area
Authorized personnel only
Safety starts with you
And more!

In addition to protecting employees from possible work hazards, these signs will also help your company to comply with OSHA safety regulations. If you run a busy warehouse, manufacturing plant, repair shop or any other facility where there are potentially toxic substances in use, there’s a risk of slipping, heavy equipment being used in high traffic areas or some other high-risk situation, you can let workers know with graphics and language that will jump right out and remind them of the possible dangers. You can use small safety signs next to specific pieces of equipment or in a common area. For outdoor use, try vinyl fence banners for safety signs around construction sites and in shipyards or storage areas.


Choose one of our design templates and customize it to fit your work environment and the message you want to convey. If you can’t find a template that works for you, design your own! You can do this in a few different ways. Do you have the artwork all ready to print? At Half Price Banners, we can work directly from your digital file, and we accept several different formats. Our sign technicians will create professional signs or banners directly from your art. If you’d like to design it yourself, you can do that too! Our easy-to-use online design tool gives you your choice of colors for a text message, and you can upload a company logo, photograph or any kind of clip art that will help to get your message across. If you’d like some help from one of our expert designers to create your safety banner or sign, let us know. Our customer service team is here to make sure you get the perfect signs to help enhance workplace safety.


Help prevent future accidents today with our Safety Signs!

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