Should I Get Wind Slits in My Banner?

When ordering banners—especially for outdoor use—wind stress is an important consideration. In extremely windy areas, banners can become easily damaged. A common solution to prevent this from happening is to cut wind slits into the banner. Wind slits are crescent-shaped slits that are cut into the banner, allowing wind to easily pass through. While wind slits can help reduce the wind stress on your banner, they can also cause it to prematurely rip and will likely not last very long in high wind conditions. For this reason, we do not offer wind slits as an option and discourage cutting them into your banner.

If you need to display your banner in a high-wind location, then mesh vinyl banners are a better option. Mesh vinyl is just as durable and weather-resistant as vinyl but has small holes in it that allow air to easily pass through. Thanks to the breathable mesh texture, a banner made from this material is suitable for hanging in open areas and windy locations. Mesh vinyl banners are more expensive than vinyl but are well worth the investment.

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