What Is A Pop Up Banner?

Pop-up banners are a popular and extremely effective marketing tool for businesses. This type of signage is often used to promote businesses, products or services and can even be used to provide directions at special events. Also known as roll up banners and retractable banners, these stand-up displays hold a special type of banner made out of smooth PET vinyl which retracts and rolls up into the base. 

Set up is relatively simple. Most pop-up banners use a stand and support pole that is inserted through the base. The banner is then pulled up and connected to the top of the support pole so that it’s taut to display it in full. Taking a pop-up banner down is just as easy: Simply detach it from the top of the support pole and roll it back down for easy transporting and storing. All of our pop-up banners come with a collapsible stand and carrying case. 

Pop-up banners come in a variety of sizes, but the most common typically stand taller than most people (between six and a half to seven and a half feet tall) and are often used in stores or at trade shows. They also come in smaller sizes that stand between one and three feet tall. These are typically used on tabletops, countertops or shelving. When choosing a size for your pop-up banner, consider how you plan on using it. 

If you’re in need of signage for your next marketing event, consider ordering pop-up banners for the many benefits they offer. Just a few of the reasons why pop-up banners are so popular include that they are easy to assemble, transport and store, as well as durable and long-lasting. Plus, they don’t take up a lot of space. 

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