Are banners waterproof?

Custom banners are a great way to market your business or promote an event. However, not all banners are created equal. If you want to hang your banner outdoors, it’s important that you choose a material that is waterproof and weather resistant. Polyester fabric banners, also called poly banners, are susceptible to ripping and tearing, and often don’t perform well in most outdoor environments. Canvas banners, though durable and wind-resistant, work best in indoor environments. The best banner material for outdoor use is vinyl.

Our vinyl banners are constructed from flexible polyvinyl chloride, a type of synthetic plastic that is lightweight, extremely durable and long-lasting. They’re waterproof, weather resistant and fade resistant, making them perfect for outdoor environments. When cared for properly, our vinyl banners are known to last for years. We offer 13 oz. vinyl banners (a step up from the industry standard of 8oz and 10oz) and premium 18 oz. vinyl banners.

Other waterproof options include our mesh and adhesive vinyl banners. Both materials are resistant to water damage and fading from the sun.