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  • Ball Bungees (Pack of 6)
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    Ball Bungees (Pack of 6)

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    Nylon Rope (50 ft)
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    Nylon Rope (50 ft)

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  • Zip Ties (Pack of 10)
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    Zip Ties (Pack of 10)

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Banner Hanging Accessories

At Half Price Banners, we pride ourselves on our professional graphic designers’ skill to help you create striking, unique banners that are all your own. But our dedication to the customer doesn’t stop there. Besides helping you with great banner design ideas, we are also committed to making sure that your banner is displayed in the most effective way possible. That includes staying in the right place in all kinds of conditions so people can see it.

Our banner accessories will help ensure that you get your message across exactly as you intended and that it stays that way. You can use our nylon synthetic rope indoors or in low-wind conditions outdoors to hang your banner.

For windier conditions, we recommend bungee cords. We carry bungees in a variety of styles, including hook bungees ranging from 1 foot to 3 feet as well as ball bungees available individually or in money-saving six-packs. These tough bungees feature 5 1/2-inch loops with ball ends. They make it a cinch to hang your banners from fences or banner frames.

We also carry suction cups and zip ties in economical multipacks. Use suction cups to hang your banner from a window. Zip ties provide an easy way to tie your banner to a fence or horizontal pole on days of moderate or low wind.

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