High Definition Custom Vinyl Banners (15 oz)

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$5.18 per unit

Product Overview

Premium High Definition Vinyl Banners (15 oz)

Our Premium Banner is just that: Our most luxurious, yet lightweight material that has a completely smooth face, alowing for ultra high-definition printing. Unlike the 13 and 18 oz options that have sublte verticle and horizontal ridges accross the face of the banner, our 15 oz material is completely smooth. Hung up, these banners portray sofistication and style, wihtout sacrificing quality or price. 

Learn About Our Most Popular Material

  • 15oz Matte Vinyl with 1000x1000 Denier
  • Durable, Waterproof and Fade Resistant
  • G7 ® Master Printing Qualification
  • Vibrant Colors & Great Print Quality
  • Perfect for both Indoors & Outdoors
  • Custom 15 oz Banner Sizes are Available
  • Pole Pockets and Large Format over 6' x 6' Available.

Need a custom size? Simply select the closest higher size and put your exact sizing in the design instructions. 

Our Standard 15 oz Banner Vinyl Weight

If you aren't sure what to buy, our 15 oz high definition vinyl banner is one of the most popular products we carry. 15 oz vinyl offers extra durability while featuring a perfect smooth surface - that holds high definition prints better.  We offer it at a great price, and with the custom printing option, you can’t go wrong. The vinyl material is the strongest in the market and is rated for 8-14 months of use.

Standard Delivery of Your Banner is 1 Week from Art Approval.  Art proofs are provided within 1 business day. Rush services are available and affordable. 

Creating your custom 15 oz vinyl banner is easy with our online tools. We offer a range of design templates that can be tailored to your needs. We also have a staff of professional graphic designers to assist you with any style choices.

Whether you’re promoting a big sale or hosting a special event, a custom sign can make all the difference. This standard 15 oz high definition vinyl banner is one of our most popular options for personalized signs since you get the benefits of durable, waterproof and fade-resistant vinyl which works great in both indoor or outdoor settings. They also feature vibrant, UV-resistant colors and hems and grommets at no extra charge. It’s a quality, professional-grade product that can be used for just about any party or event.

Why buy from us?

  • Durable: Waterproof, fade-resistant and the graphics and lettering are printed in vibrant color
  • Multi-Use: Perfect for indoor or outdoor use
  • UV Resistant: Vibrant UV-Resistant colors
  • Vinyl Material: Printed on reinforced 15 oz. vinyl material
  • Different Sizes: Ranges from 2'x2' to 5'x30', and including the popular 3x6 and 4x8 banner sizes
  • Attractive: Hems and grommets at no extra charge

Tips while Buying:

  1. Remember that 3" flat pole pockets are available for an additional fee of $1.00 per foot (fits a 1" diameter pole)
  2. Custom 15 oz banner sizes are available - just choose the next larger size in the calculator and make a note in the order comments box, and we'll trim the banner to your custom size. For sizes 6'x6' and larger, see our Large Format Banners.

Our customer support team is available to clear up any questions or concerns you may have before purchasing. If the 15 oz vinyl banner isn't exactly what you are looking for, browse through our other vinyl products to find your perfect display!

Custom 15 oz Vinyl Banners

Here's a definite checklist of everything you need to know before purchasing vinyl banners.

When choosing vinyl banners as a print medium, there are four factors to consider:

  1. The duplication quality of the print.
  2. Ink factors that determine the brilliancy and lifetime of a banner.
  3. The strength of the vinyl material used to create the banner.
  4. The finishing work applied for added strength and installation.

For personal or business banners, most people review the pricing first and foremost in the hopes of getting the most affordable banner around. Since printers are fully aware of this, they tend to intentionally cut corners on the construction of a banner to make it as cheap as possible so it can be purchased quickly. What this means for the consumer is that they're missing out on a high-quality banner by ignoring the four core factors of vinyl displays. At Half Price Banners, we provide the most competitive, economical prices in the industry without ever having to sacrifice quality. We also have the integrity to never cut corners or deceive consumers with pricing that does not reflect our four components to a properly constructed banner.

The Printing Process

We utilize the latest industrial CMYK printing technology in order to provide you with exceptional quality resolution and clarity on every single 15 oz banner we print. The attention to detail on the image quality delivers a lifelike photographic resolution that helps us achieve even the most vibrant, bright colors that are true to the eye for a precise lifelike tone that most printers cannot accomplish without increasing their cost.

Eco-Friendly UV Solvent Inks

One might think UV solvent inks are named as such because they're fade-resistant under UV light from the sun. While they are fade-resistant, UV inks mean much more. These types of inks are run through an industrial printer with a UV light which helps the inks dry faster. As a result, the print resolution and clarity of the message you create will be depicted with eye-catching clarity.

Durability of Vinyl Material as a Print Medium

The most common method of defining the strength of the vinyl used in your 15 oz. high definition vinyl banner is through the vinyl's weight. With limited information, it's easy to assume a 15 oz. banner is stronger than a 13 oz. banner. However, this is not the case. All it signifies is that the 15 oz. banner is heavier than the 13 oz. banner.

For our custom vinyl banner prints, we use 1000 x 1000 denier for standard banners making them lighter to handle especially in large sizes but stronger than most of the heavier ounce banners on the market.

From the printing process, UV inks printed on durable light weight vinyl to heat welded hems securing installation grommets, our reflected price includes everything needed.

15 oz Banner Finishing

While other printers cut corners to save costs, we understand the importance a finished product you can feel proud of. That's why we put in the extra work to print the perfect 15 oz. banner for you.

The first part of finishing the banner involves hemming the edge of the banner, which adds strength at the ends of your display. Our hems are all heat welded, which is a special process that heats the vinyl fold to a temperature that fuses the folds into one thicker edge. With this process, you won't have to worry about unraveling threads or folds coming apart. All you get are durable banner edges to fasten grommets (grommets are the circular rivets that help support the holes in your banner for hanging purposes).

Now that you know a little more about our custom 15 oz. vinyl banners, take a look at our wide selection of displays and find the right one for your unique needs.

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