Banners for Winter Conditions

Posted by Half Price Banners on Nov 8th 2018

Banners for Winter Conditions

Why are Mesh, Heavy-Duty, and Standard Vinyl great for winter conditions?

Winter means strong winds, cold weather and snow. Mesh Vinyl, Heavy Duty 18 oz Vinyl, and Standard 13 oz Vinyl Banners can withhold all these conditions and more! Advertise your sale or place these banners up for an event worry free. Mesh, 18 oz and 13 oz are our strongest material. If you’re looking for outdoor signage, that won’t rip or tear, look no further!

Mesh Vinyl Banners:

If you’re planning on displaying your banner is high wind areas, then the Mesh Vinyl Banner can help eliminate tension that is caused by windy conditions. The special mesh material allows air to pass through easily and lessen the flapping of the banner in the wind. Even with the small mesh holes on the material, your design or image will still be visible and vibrant enough to make a statement! Mesh Vinyl Banners are designed for long term use outdoors. If you need a banner to help decorate for a party or need an outdoor sign to promote a business event, out outdoor mesh signs make a great choice.

Heavy-Duty Vinyl Banners:

Our 18 oz Vinyl Banners are our strongest and thickest vinyl for outdoor use. Never worry about rips and tears when you choose this banner! The waterproof and fade resistant benefits allow you to display your banner for years without losing color or quality. Bring in sales and new customers with this banner. Place in front of your store or by a busy street and see positive results! If you are looking for a heavy-duty banner for everyday use, this is the banner for you. Trust us, this banner stands up to the test

13 oz Vinyl Banners

Need a banner to be used both indoors and outdoors? Check out our13 oz Vinyl! This material is a little lighter than our 18 oz Vinyl, but still gets the job done! This banner is our best seller for a reason: durable material, high resolution graphics, and versatility. This banner also has the waterproof and fade resistant benefits that allow you to hang your banner with no loss in color or quality. Our vinyl material is the strongest in the market and is rated for a 6-12 month of use. Hang your 13 oz Vinyl outdoors for customers to see, or indoors to promote a new sale!

Now that you have learned a little bit about each banner you can see the benefits and the versatility of all of them! Mesh, 18 oz, and 13 oz can be used for just about any party, event, or business use. While all these banners can be used outdoors, Mesh and 18 oz are ideal for long term use outdoors. Choose the banner that’s right for you and start designing your custom message now!

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