How to Set Up an Economy Retractable Banner

Posted by Half Price Banners on Apr 14th 2016

How to Set Up an Economy Retractable Banner

Step 1: Remove the display from the carrying case at your desired location.

Step 2: Flip the base upside down and rotate the feet to sit perpendicular to the base.

Step 3: Insert the Shock Cord Pole into the receptacle hole in the center of the base. Ensure the pole is seated completely into the bottom half circle cutout.

Step 4: Stand facing the back of the base and gently pull banner rail upwards. Clip the hook into the opening located on the pole. To ship or store, simply reverse the steps.

Your Economy Retractor is now ready for display.

Pro Tip: If your Economy Retractor is 74 by 48 inches you will have two shock-corded poles, insert both into base. Then pull your banner top rail gently upwards in tandem with another person. Clip both hooks into the opening of the two shock-corded poles.

To ship or store simply reverse the steps. 

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