Introducing: The New & Improved Design Tool

Posted by Half Price Banners on Feb 8th 2019

Introducing: The New & Improved Design Tool

Introducing: The New & Improved Design Tool

Start designing your display with the handy, easy to use online design tool! This new and improved design tool allows you to be as creative as you want. You will have more control on what colors, fonts and art you want included on your display.

The design tool is even mobile friendly! Design your custom display at the tip of your fingers on your phone or tablet. Another benefit to this new tool is that you can save your design and come back to it later! Need to reorder your same custom display? Your previous artwork will be saved and just with the click of your mouse, you can reorder instantly. Now that you know some benefits of the new and improved design tool, lets take a look at how to navigate your custom display:

Background & Photos

First, let’s look at Backgrounds and Photos. These two tabs are located below your design. The background tab lets you pick a background color or choose from a category! If you wish to upload your own design or picture, click on the photos tab and upload from your computer, Flickr, Picasa, Instagram or Dropbox.

Product Options

The Product Options tab lets you change sizes of your display and manage hemming and grommet options. When you change these, your template will automatically make the alterations according to what you chose for each option.


The next tab is labeled Text, here you will be able to put any text you want on your display. You can also add new text and update existing text. Once your text is placed on your display you can move it anywhere on the display. The green Safe Margin line is there to help guide you. This safe zone is where you should place any important text or art that you don’t want to cut off when printed. If you click on your text you will be able to change the color, style, alignment, size, border, line height and rotate your text.


This Art tab lets you be as creative as you want! If you want to make your own shapes and lines, use the pencil tool, line tool, square tool, or the circle tool. The clip art features allow you to search all the clip art options or use the drop-down arrow to search via categories. Once your clip art is placed on the display you can change the color, size, border and rotate the object!


The codes tab is used for website URL, YouTube Videos, email address, etc. You can place the bar code anywhere on your display for viewers/customers to scan. Changing the color of the bar code is also an available feature for this tab.


This tab lets you choose from many different pre-made banners! These will include birthday templates, baby shower templates, event templates, sale templates and more! The pre-made templates saves you time on designing and allows you to change the text to anything you want. Add some clip art on the template to spruce things up. There are so many options!


The Layer tab manages your layers and helps keep them organized. You can lock, hide and move layers up and down.


In settings, you can hide and show grids and rulers. The grids and rulers are used to help align objects and text. Under the border section you will see sizing and margins. This lets you change the size of your border if you want one and change the color!

As you can see the design tool has many different options for you! The freedom of choosing your own art, font, colors and overall design lets you be unique and makes the proofing process go by much faster! If you need some assistance, click on the bottom left tab labeled “Help” or give us a call. Happy Designing!

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