The ABC's of Back-to-School Banners

Posted by Half Price Banners on Jul 23rd 2018

The ABC's of Back-to-School Banners

It’s time to start thinking about the new school year. What better way to get students and faculty excited than some school spirit! Decorate the school gym with sport banners to show support for all teams or display a banner to showcase awards and school events! Back to school banners will add a pop of color to the hallways and create an opportunity for kids to get involved in school activities. Going back to school can be stressful for parents and students. Designing a colorful and welcoming banner can ease the stress and help focus on the positive, new beginnings for students!


The start of the new school year means tryouts, new team members and games under the Friday night lights. Show support for football, track, swim team and many more with Fabric & Cloth Banners to hang up in the school’s gymnasium. Use them to showcase awards, players, and championships! Fabric banners are dye-sublimated for an all-American look. These banners are perfect for showcasing championships over the years that bring the school and teams together.

Bragging Banners

Need an excuse to brag about your school? Heavy-Duty 18 oz Vinyl is the answer! These banners are our strongest, thickest vinyl to withhold any weather condition. Show off Blue Ribbon Awards, teacher awards, and new features to your school. The long-term benefit allows you to use time and time again. This generates the perfect opportunity to interest new families in the area and welcoming them into your school!

Fundraising Banners

Place an important fundraising message on our 13 oz Vinyl Banner! Promoting your fundraiser on the vibrant banner will make all the difference! It’s the opportunity to attract volunteers and invite as many people as possible. Start off with a theme and use it to decorate multiple banners to place inside and outside of the school. Whether it’s a school dance or a bake sale, your unique custom signage will be the center of attention!

School Events

School carnivals and talent shows are the most exciting part of the new school year for students. It’s a time to relax, have fun and be around friends. Start the excitement with a High-Resolution Vinyl Banner. Make a statement with colorful designs and information about when and where the event is. The crisp, smooth banner will create a buzz among the school. For carnivals, use a picture from last year to show the enthusiasm among the students. For talent shows, create a catchy message and place in the gymnasium or cafeteria. The students and facility will be looking forward to it and start planning their talent to entertain the school!

Any of these high-quality banners will do the trick. The start of school year is the best time to get students involved and thrilled about the rest of the school year.

If you're looking for more specifics on how to order or design your Back-to-School Banners, please contact our support team, and we'd be happy to help!

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