Use and Reuse Washable Adhesive Banners

  • April 13, 2016 by Half Price Banners

Stick and Move with our New High-Quality Washable Adhesives!

We’re using a New Adhesive and are excited by its custom properties and promotional possibilities. Our new Adhesive features backing dots that allow air to escape during application to any smooth surface, preventing the material from wrinkling or bubbling. Put your Adhesive banner up, take it down, move it all around: our new Adhesive applies to curved surfaces with little effort and this matte-finished, white-backed adhesive product removes from smooth surfaces easily allowing for residue-free reuse. Designed for indoor applications, our Adhesive Banners can also be applied to some exterior locations & car paint surfaces with limited durability. When you are in need of a repositionable Adhesive material that is easily applied by hand without wrinkling or bubbling, these water-based, eco-friendly Adhesives are spot on for the job. 

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