Three Questions to Ask Before Purchasing a Banner

Posted by Half Price Banners on Aug 7th 2014

Three Questions to Ask Before Purchasing a Banner

Need a vinyl banner? Great, you’ve made two great steps. First, you decided to use a product that’s extremely effective in helping you reach your customers. Second, you’re at this site.

All you need to do now is ask yourself three simple questions:

How will you hang your banner?
Where will you hang your banner?
How many sides do you need?
Armed with these answers, you can engage Half Price Banners to create a vinyl banner that will work for you.

How Will You Hang Your Banner?

Location is important. If you’re hanging your banner against a wall, it will need grommets, those metal rings added to the edges of your banner. At Half Price Banners, grommets are always included at no additional charge. Place your order and you’re set.

If you use a hanging system involving poles, you need to ensure that your banner will be compatible with your system. Measure a banner you’re already using. It’s likely that it is slightly larger than the printed area, to allow it hang properly. Keep this information handy when you’re ordering. If you’re unsure, a Half Price Banners customer service representative will be glad to help.

And if you need a hanging system, check out our stand and banner combinations. You’ll save money by ordering them together and not separately.

Where Will You Hang Your Banner?

Typically, not all vinyl is created equal. However, it is at Half Price Banners.

Our Standard Banner material is heavy-duty 13 oz vinyl, so you can fly your banner indoors or out.

Depending on your local weather, you may want to add wind slits. These will let wind pass through and keep the banner upright and undamaged.

Important! We do not offer wind slits and advise against using them.

Adding wind slits weakens and reduces the overall life of the banner, since the scrim which fortifies the vinyl is cut when these are added. We generally recommend Mesh Banners in high-wind areas, but these will not be available online until the new site is up.)

If you’re worried about the printing, don’t. We use eco-solvent four-color printing, which resists fading up to five years. This is standard, so you don’t pay extra. You’re banner will last as long as it needs to, with a message that your customers will clearly see.

How Many Sides Do You Need?

This isn’t a trick question – the answer is one or two. But choose wisely to maximize your banner’s effectiveness without wasting money.

If your banner will always hang against a wall, a one-sided banner will work fine. Even if you’re hanging it in an open area, one side will work if the back of the banner is closed to customer traffic.

If you will place your banner in an open area, you’ll likely have two-way traffic. Order two banners and hang them back to back (vinyl banners can be printed on one side only). This extra investment is worth it, as your message is reaching all your foot traffic. Plus, at Half Price Banners, you will receive a quantity discount when you order multiple copies of the exact same banner.

As an alternative, a feather flag may be a viable option, because they can be printed on both sides.

Ready to Proceed?

Now that you’re set, go to our Banners landing page. You can design it yourself, or our staff can design one for you. Either way, you’ll get a banner that will work for your business.

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