Window Signs Offer Flexibility in Any Environment

Posted by Half Price Banners on Jun 5th 2015

Window Signs Offer Flexibility in Any Environment

Half Prices Banners is excited to announce a new product that gives you unlimited flexibility in promoting your retail business:window signs.

This is an important addition to our product line. Your business signs need to work together. Half Price Banners’ product line can give you the right mix of business signs essential for retail success.

For example, think of your entire retail operation and how business signs can draw your customers in. Feather flags can be used to promote your business next to the roadway or beside the sidewalk. Closer in, banners convey a message overhead. Finally, window signs reinforce your message as your customers walk through the door.

For a retail operation, a mix of business signs is essential to promote your business and attract customers.

Window Signs Features

Our window signs are made with perforated vinyl film, which is stronger than regular vinyl. Your image and message are printed on the front side. You position window signs on the inside of your glass, with the artwork and message facing out.

For the back side, perforated or solid black is available. The perforated back allows you to see through the image.

Before ordering, you should check your local ordinances to see what’s allowed. A solid black back may be prohibited, leaving a perforated back your only option.

Because retail means being flexible, window signs come with removable tape. Although its adhesive is not unlimited, you can reposition your banner two-to-three times as needed.

Most importantly, window signs can be printed in almost any dimension, giving you the ultimate in flexibility. You can specify any width up to 52 inches, and the length is unlimited.

As with our other business signs, pricing for window signs is inclusive. There are no additional charges for a:

Print-ready design that you submit
Design that you create using our convenient online tool
Basic design that we create for you (although there may be additional charges for extra creative or extensive artwork prep or conversion)
For additional information, go to our window signs section on our web site. If you plan to submit print-ready artwork, our Art Specs page contains important information.

Get your custom window signs here.

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