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Product Overview

Hold Up Your Message with Adhesive Signs

  • 10oz Opaque Matte Fabric with White Adhesive Backing
  • Resists Ripping, Curling, Wrinkling and Shrinking
  • Adheres to Walls, Windows, Metal or Nearly All Smooth Surfaces
  • Can Serve as a Custom Sticker Wallpaper Indoors
  • If Placed on Painted Walls, Remember to Use Primer
  • Full Spectrum Color G7 ® Certified Digital Printing

Wall Decal - Sticker Wallpaper - Wall Vinyl

Custom Printed Adhesive Signs

When you want to make a statement, an adhesive fabric banner is a great way to show off your business. These custom self-adhering fabric banners and signs take it a step further and allow you to stick them to almost any surface! They are perfect for an elegant, long-lasting wall or window display. Their matte finish and beautiful fabric texture makes these banners great for murals or backdrops. These custom self-adhesive fabric banners are semi-permanent and re-positional for easy installation.

Add a stylish look to any space with a self-adhesive fabric banner from Half Price Banners. These unique signs are printed on premium 10-ounce opaque adhesive fabric, ensuring that they never wrinkle, rip or shrink. The white backing also ensures that colors appear rich and vibrant. Best used for indoor applications, these custom adhesive fabric banners offer the perfect solution for murals and backdrops.

At Half Price Banners, we offer a fast turnaround on your custom order. Upload your own design or work with our team of professional graphic designers to come up with a unique look for your self-adhesive fabric banner. Our 24/7 customer service staff is always standing by to answer any of your questions.

Product Features:

  • Material: Printed on premium 10 oz opaque adhesive fabric with white backing
  • Durable: These banners will never wrinkle, rip, or shrink
  • Customizable: Display multiple sheets together to create a large mural
  • Application: Adheres to almost any smooth wall, door, or window surface - if sticking to a painted surface, please be sure it is primed to avoid paint damage upon removal
  • Usage: Recommended for indoor use only
  • Sizes: Available in sizes from 12"x12" to 48"x72"


Adhesive Backed Fabric Polyester Banners

Now introducing a peel off and stick-on custom artwork polyester fabric banner that can be mounted and easily removed and re-mounted to any non-porous surface. The adhesive backed surface is residue free meaning it will not leave your surface sticky when removed, and will retain its sticky adhesive nature for repositioning. These fabric sticker banners are preferred for indoor use and are great for church displays and trade show venues due to their incredible satin sheen and presentation effect. They are wrinkle free and tear resistant making these self backed adhesive fabric signs a perfect choice for any indoor durable advertising venue.

The fabric sheen provides a sleak satiny appeal and the adhesive properties of this banner makes these signs perfect for corner positioned signs, banners that can be stuck in areas where traditional banners cant be installed. For example this banner can be stuck on ceilings, used as a giant wall sticker, adhear around columns, or even be stuck on a parked bus or rv.

Customize any fabric stickers to include photo ready artwork, vector graphics or any other text message or imagery you want to communicate.

Installing Adhesive Stick on Fabric Banners

Installing a fabric banner that adheres to any surface is a pretty simple job. First one must clean the surface with a damp cloth or paper towel and then remove the adhesive backed paper from your banner starting with one preffered corner. By starting from one corner, gently begin pulling the adhesive backed paper away from your banner while smoothly pressing the opposite side to ensure the adhesive touches the surface your banner is being applied to. Starting with a corner and working your way out, will ensure your banner does not get wrinkled during installation leaving you with a very professional install.

Our Fabric Print Process

We use our own custom version of eco-solvent UV inks to print your colors in an exceptional vivid clarity on an opaque 10 ounce Polyester satin sheen fabric material. With our proprietary inks on this fabric material combined with the exceptional print and finishing process we use ensures your message is a clear and eye-catching as the graphical message your produce. Whether you are wanting to print a city scene on an adhesive wall mural, or you are using these fabric adhesive banners to create a vivid message for any event or gathering, we are sure you will find your banner exceptional.

Instructions & Care

Self-Adhesive Fabric Banners and Signs are easily repositionable during installation as long as the adhesive and application surfaces are kept clean. Install in a dry indoor location only. They can be mounted on nearly any surface without leaving any residue. We do NOT recommend attempting to clean this product using any kind of soap or water as this will cause the ink to run.

Art Specs

Recommended files: PDF, AI, PSD, JPG, TIFF

Set up your art file at full print size, no bleed necessary. As an example, art for a 3’x4’ sign would be set up at 36”x48”.

For best print quality, we recommend a minimum resolution of 100 ppi at full print size. For example, an image that prints at 24”x24” would need to be 2400x2400 pixels or greater for best results.

Step 1: Choose Size & Quantity

Free Proofing & Revisions

Our designers will personally verify your artwork to ensure
the best print quality.

You always get to revise your designs at no extra charge.




Once you place your order, you will receive a proof within one business day.

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