What is the best vinyl for outdoor use?

When it comes to custom banners and signage, the type of material you choose has a direct impact on how they look, how long they last and, ultimately, your return on investment. The most common banner material types are vinyl, mesh vinyl, adhesive vinyl, polyester fabric and canvas.

Vinyl is best suited for outdoor use. It is waterproof, resistant to fading and designed to last. We offer two different types of vinyl banners: 13 oz. vinyl banners—the industry standard and our most popular product—and our 18 oz. heavy duty vinyl banners, designed to stand up to the elements day after day. If you plan to use your vinyl banners exclusively outdoors, our 18 oz. option may be your best choice because they come with a 1000x1000 denier (the highest in the industry), making them extremely resistant to tears and harsh outdoor conditions.

Another great option for outdoor use is mesh vinyl. Our mesh vinyl banners are water and fade resistant and work well in open spaces and windy areas. The tiny holes in our mesh banners make it easy for air to pass through so that there is no flapping noise in the wind. Banners made out of this material work best along fences or in open areas. Our adhesive vinyl banners are another good choice for short-term outdoor use. They are durable, waterproof, wrinkle and fade resistant and, best of all, they can be washed and reused.

We also offer polyester fabric banners and high-quality cotton duck canvas banners. However, these materials are best suited for indoor use.

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