Print Banner Sizes - A Guide

Posted by Half Price Banners on Jun 25th 2018

Print Banner Sizes - A Guide

Whether you are getting a banner for advertising your business, celebrating a special occasion, decorating a sporting event, or something of that nature, knowing how to make your banner the right proportions is a must.

If you have never designed or ordered one before, you might be totally at a loss for how to go about figuring out the right size that you need.

How big should a banner be? What about the text size? What are the most common dimensions for the average banner?

Below we’ve broken down the questions you should ask yourself before ordering, some common sizes and uses, and other helpful hints that can guide you toward the right banner for your needs.

Questions to Ask When Determining Size

The very first thing you should consider when choosing a banner size is what it will be used for, then think about the area where it will be placed.

Depending on what you will be using it for, will be the main factor in determining size. Will the sign be used to grab people’s attention, decorate a space, or announce something important?

Generally speaking, bigger banners are often used for larger events, such as sporting events, festivals, fundraisers, etc. Smaller ones tend to work well for parties, celebrations, and other gatherings.

Next, you’ll want to make a plan based on the venue. Will it be placed inside or outside? Where and how do you plan to hang the display? What area will be optimal for people to see your banner?

The answers to some of these questions may help determine the necessary length and width of your banner. For example, if you know that you will need to hang it between two trees or poles, you’ll want to measure that space so you can better gauge the size you’ll need. If you’re planning to hang it on the front of your building, determine measurements for the best positioning.

Standard Vinyl Banner Sizes

Banners can come in a wide variety of sizes and materials, and there is no one-size-fits-all option. In the table below, you can see a few of the most common sizes of vinyl in feet (the most popular material) to get a sense of what dimensions you might want to go for.

2 Feet 3 Feet 4 Feet 5 Feet
2’ x 4’ 3’ x 6’ 4’ x 6’ 5’ x 6’
2’ x 6’ 3’ x 8’ 4’ x 8’ 5’ x 8’
2’ x 8’ 3’ x 9’ 4’ x 10’ 5’ x 10’
2’ x 12’ 3’ x 12’ 4’ x 12’ 5’ x 12’
2’ x 16’ 3’ x 16’ 4’ x 16’ 5’ x 16’
2’ x 20’ 3’ x 20’ 4’ x 20’ 5’ x 20’
2’ x 25’ 3’ x 25’ 4’ x 25’ 5’ x 25’
2’ x 30’ 3’ x 30’ 4’ x 30’ 5’ x 30’

Small sizes ( 2 to 3 feet)

For many people in the market for a banner, a smaller option in the two to three feet size range is often the best bet. This size is often great for yard or party decoration needs.

These are great for adding visual appeal or decor rather than something that will attract a large number of people. For example, this size can be a great option for a birthday celebration or small yard sale.

Medium sizes (3 to 4 feet)

Once you jump up in size to three and four feet, you can expand your options for use. These banner sizes work great for things like trade shows, festivals, or similar events where you have a booth.

On signs of this size, you can advertise a company, highlight an event, or deliver information about a product or service.

Large sizes (5 feet+)

The five feet and larger options are oftentimes the perfect fit for a business. By using a larger size, you can advertise on the sides of buildings or drum up interest for an event or activity. And in terms of how large a banner can get, the options are almost endless.

The larger size can ensure that even in busy areas with lots of people, your display will be noticed.

Other Types of Banners and Common Dimensions

Now that we’ve gone over some of the most common banner sizes, let’s touch on some other types of displays you might come across, and their typical sizes.


Oftentimes, banners can be used for both outdoor and indoor purposes interchangeably. However, most of the time for outdoors, you will likely want the sign to be a bit bigger so it is visible by more people.

Typically, horizontal outdoor banners are around three feet by ten feet, while vertical ones tend to be closer to six feet by two feet.


If you are planning to reuse your sign many times, you may want to invest in a retractable banner that you can put up and take down a bit more seamlessly.

Normally, this type measures around seven feet by three feet for a somewhat standard pop-up sign.

Custom Table Throw Dimensions

Looking for an advertising cover for your display table? You can have custom table throws created for your table at a trade show or the like.

Some common dimensions for table throws are:

  • 4’ x 3’
  • 6’ x 3’
  • 8’ x 3’

The sizing of this type of cover will depend on the table you are using.

Sizing and Design

Your banner size should also be determined by what you want included in the design. The more text and images you want, the bigger size you may need to make everything fit. The smaller the text and images are, you could possibly use a smaller banner, but also remember people will have to be closer to read it.

Your text size and image size should be decided based on how far away, on average, people will be looking. For example, a line of text that is 3 inches tall will be legible within 100 feet of the banner or so, while a line that is 12 inches tall can be read from as far away as 500 feet.

Find a size that fits everything that you want included in your banner design in a size where people will be able to read and see from the average distance away they will be standing.

Get the Right Banner Size for Your Needs

No matter what your banner will be used for, you want to make sure you are taking the time to determine the proper size.

Start by determining the purpose as well as where it will be placed. If possible, measure the area where it will be hung or displayed to get a sense of what dimensions you will need. Generally speaking, larger displays are used for outdoor events or uses, and smaller ones for indoor.

From there, choose from one of the common banner sizes, or pick a custom size, depending on what you will be using it for and what you want included in the design.

No matter what size you are looking for, Half Price Banners has you covered. We offer all of the standard vinyl banner sizes, plus options for custom sizes.

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