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What is a floor decal? Is it the same as floor stickers or floor graphics?

A floor decal is a sign made to lay flat against the ground to display a message or artwork. Floor decals are sometimes called floor stickers or floor clings because they are adhesive and will remain in place for the life of the decal. These decals are often used to take advantage of unused floor space that can help direct attention to certain locations or remind people of ongoing promotions. If you’re looking for floor signage, then take a deeper look at our floor decals to see what they have to offer.


How long do floor decals last?

The life of these floor decals depends on use.  For low traffic indoor areas, they will last two to three years!  If you’re placing these outside or in extremely high traffic places, they would only last for about 3-4 months.  We typically recommend indoor usage so that you can enjoy your floor graphics for longer.


What are your floor decals made of?

Our floor decals are made from 8mil textured vinyl for high quality color and overall appearance.  8mil vinyl refers to its thickness, which is .08 inches. Our vinyl floor decals are OSHA compliant and slip resistant.  Each decal is backed with industrial adhesive which removes cleanly with little to no residue.


How do I make my custom floor decals?

We make it easy for you to add custom text and graphics to your next floor decal. Just upload an image, design online, or let us help with designing and you’re done.  You’ll always receive a designer-verified proof before your decal goes to print, and this attention to detail helps us create even more happy customers.


Are you able to cut the floor decals to custom shapes?

We don’t currently custom-cut our floor decals, but if it’s something you’re looking for let us know! We’d love to expand our product selection if there’s enough demand.


Do you print floor decals using all colors?

Yes! Unlike some retailers, we don’t charge more for the amount of colors that you use. You can print full spectrum color, and this allows you to be as creative as you want when designing your next decal.


How thick are your floor decals?

Our floor decals are 8ml textured vinyl, which means it’s eight thousandths of an inch (0.008”).


Are your custom floor decals laminated?

Our decals aren’t laminated, but they are non-slip and will stick to almost any surface.  Our high quality vinyl looks great and it weatherproof without any lamination required.


Are these indoor floor decals or able to be used outdoors?

Our floor graphics are typically used as indoor floor decals, but they’re also able to be used outdoors for short periods (3-4 months). The life of the decal will depend a lot on how much it’s exposed to weather and how much foot traffic is going over it.  If it’s placed outside but underneath an overhang, it should last longer than if you put it in an outdoor market.

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