Can you steam vinyl banners?

If you regularly use vinyl banners to advertise your business or for your trade show displays, chances are that you probably have some in storage for when you’ll need them next. When you take them out, you may notice that they have become extremely wrinkled or crinkled. The good news is that those rumpled lines and creases can be easily smoothed out to get your vinyl banners looking like new for your next marketing campaign or event.

Before you unwrinkle your banners, it’s important to make sure they have been thoroughly cleaned. Remove any dirt and dust and then wash in a mixture of soap and water—never use detergents as this can damage the material. Finally, rinse and dry your banners.

You can use an iron to steam the wrinkles out of your vinyl banners but be careful. Vinyl burns easily, so make sure that the iron never comes into direct contact with the surface of your banners. Place the banner—print side down—on a flat surface. Then, set a hot, wet cloth on top of your banner. Make sure to set the steam temperature to low and gently iron out the wrinkles.

A hair dryer can also be used to unwrinkle your vinyl banners. However, much like with using a steam iron, you should avoid direct contact to prevent damaging your banners. Set the hair dryer temperature to low or medium and blow it on the non-printed side for best results.

Other ways to remove wrinkles from your banners include laying them out or hanging them in the sun. The heat from the sun will naturally unwrinkle your banners so they’re ready for use. If you have weights, attach them to both ends of the banner via the grommets to help get rid of creases.

To prevent your vinyl banners from wrinkling, it’s best to roll them up and store them in their original packaging.

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