HalfPriceBanners.com Announces New Line of SEG Products

  • September 4, 2018 by Half Price Banners

We're proud to announce a new line of Silicone Edge Graphics that are now available on our website!

We started showing these products at trade shows recently, and the response has been amazing. While the booths were full of various signs, these SEG displays were consistently the most asked about and most wanted. We saw the interest and have formally announced their release today in a press release.

Increased Popular Interest in Silicone Edge Graphics

Silicone Edge Graphics have been growing in popularity throughout several industries because of their crisp fabric printing quality and their reusable display hardware. The aluminum hardware has engineered channels where the silicone edges of the fabric are able to slide into the hardware. One of many benefits of this is that through the life of the hardware, most onlookers will see these as entirely new displays as the graphics are changed.

The name SEG refers to the silicone edges of the graphics that is sewn around the perimeter of the fabric that enables the precise fit into its frame. These frames have the option of including LED lights to illuminate the fabric graphics. While the LEDs enhance the display during the day in normal indoor lighting, they’re more commonly known for shining vibrantly in windows at night or being placed in dimly lit areas.

The Introduction of Backlit Displays at Half Price Banners

We've known about the increasing trend of backlit displays, and through these SEG displays we're able to finally offer affordable and reusable hardware. We're very cautious about the products that we choose to have on our website because people know us for quality products at great prices, and we are not going to risk our reputation on just any new product. We proudly stand behind this new line of SEG because of its style, durability, and ease of set up.

These new SEG products allow retailers entirely new ways to promote their offerings and turn their displays into an experience. SEG products are often found in malls, restaurants, car dealerships, and trade shows due to their crisp quality and ease of changing out the graphics to fit with changing promotions or offerings. Since there is no professional installation required, price conscious retailers are able to spend more on their displays and less on labor.

Affordable Professional Displays

This SEG style has been called a clever use of finishing, and its a concept that is able to be used across several different products with a seamless effect. While these products have all the markings of high end displays, they're still affordable for all consumers. We're excited that these wall frames are able to compete with traditional forms of wall art used for many family portraits.

Thanks to the increased quality of cell phone cameras, more people than ever are hanging professional art in their homes at a price no one would have believed only twenty years ago. Now more than ever do homeowners have choices on how they're able to decorate their homes.

The SEG wall frames start at $150 for a frame and graphic kit, but replacement graphics start at under $40. While the backlit options for the SEG wall frames increase the initial price, the replacement graphics are still under $40.

You can find the original Press Release on the internet at any of several online news providers. If you have any questions on this new line of SEG products, you can always Contact our wonderful support team and we'd be glad to help you get more familiar with these amazing products.

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